Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm back!

Came home late Friday evening and have since then only enjoyed the company of my close family. Okey.. I had to check my e-mail too.. and play a little racing game (FlatOut) and write some stuff to some of my Swedish friends and read the news and then play some other games, but aside from that I haven't touched the computer. Honest. Cross my heart.

I want to move to Germany. Not only because I have a lot of relatives there but also because they live in a place where living is absolutely fabulous in terms of nice flats and houses! Not to mention the municipality itself lies at the edge of the Baltic Sea, in L├╝beck Bay. It has an 8 kilometre white beach with one of Germany's longest bathing bridges.

However, that's not the main reasons for me to contemplate immigration to another country. No, it's the food... I love german food. But, as I told my uncle, if I really was to move to Germany, I would most probably eat myself to death.

So... how was my trip to Germany? Aside the food, which really was fantastic, it was a nice little vacation away from wife and kids. Seeing my cousins was great fun, especially since I haven't met some of them since the early seventies. It was also great to see all those places I haven't seen since the mid-eighties when we were there on a very short visit at my Grandmother's new house. And as usual the weather was just great.

I also learned that in Germany men have a black tie on funerals, not white as in Sweden. Even though we all met for a sad occasion, we were soon laughing and giggling. I think my auntie would have been pleased, seeing that we laughed a lot more than we were crying. She was one happy lady, with a few screws loose and somewhat eccentric and very, very lively. We have a Swedish word; levnadsglad, which literally means; happy to live, happy in life. It describes her perfectly.

Anyway, my two youngest cousins, 45 and 43 year old females, were so happy to see me, they cried. The youngest of them hugged me and touched me as if she just couldn't beleive I really was there, in the flesh. And it just blew me away how kind life had been to them in terms of good looks. Both of them, but especially the younger one, were stunningly good looking compared to how they looked thirty years ago. I'm not kidding! Sometimes age adds good looks to women too, (men always become gentlemen by age, don't they? ;) ) but in their case age was more than an improvement, it was just mind-boggling how good they looked.

The older one was working with some government related stuff, a mother of two and a grandmother of one beautiful boy. The younger is a succesful dressmaker and clothes designer and a mother of three.

Of course I met more cousins than these two. There was my oldest male cousin whom I only remembered as a long-haired teenager and my oldest female cousin whom I remembered as an air-headed blonde and always giggling. These two looked exactly as their parents!

Then there was another male cousin I met just briefly at the beach, and girls... just forget about those Hollywood stars... This guy, in his mid-thirties, was so darned good-looking, I would have fallen in love with him, hadn't I been so heterosexual... I'm not lying, this guy could moist a woman's underwear just by looking at them.

But the one I was most curious about, my youngest cousin in her late twenties, whom I never met, was unfortunately occupied elsewhere. I've only seen pictures of her and she resembles both Marylin Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Cindy Crawford... Used to be a drug addict but pulled herself out of that hell-hole.

Well, what the hell... I've been advertising about my old home so why not disclose it's name? I won't, but I'll give you two links and from there on, you're on your own:

INFORMATION in english

Be sure to check out the satellite map and zoom into the beach...


Susan D. said...

Hey there, haven't checked in for awhile - I'm very sorry to hear that your aunt passed away. But how nice to reconnect with your family! I really enjoyed browsing the Google map. I am reminded of the one time I visited Germany, on my honeymoon, and *oh my god* did we get lost, and we couldn't find anyone who spoke any English... But I can't agree with you on German food; I don't eat pork so I spent the whole time mostly eating just potatoes! Groemitz looks lovely. Perhaps worth checking out if I ever hit that area of the world again?

Littlemilk said...


Sorry I haven't checked in. I have been really busy trying to move out of Nashville and into NYC or the surrounding area. Man is that a lot mentally . . . it is the difference in people that takes getting used to.

Glad that you got a chance to see family. It is always fun. Even funerals. And yes I love Germany and German beer too. I lived there for about 4 years but in the South, and for a while in Cologne.

I understand that Luebeck is really, really a nice place. I want to go one day also . . . see the beach, eat German cuisine and then maybe have an ice cream.

Littlemilk said...

Check out my blog. I got a question to ask you on my August 9th entry. Maybe you have time to complete it maybe not.

But I like your blog, so I am tagging you for this MEME.

quanton said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.