Friday, June 30, 2006


Of course, thats why I haven't been blogging as much. Sitting in front of a computer in broad daylight with these temperatures is... quite nerdy, isn't it? ;o)

Okay, time for a small update.

Last weekend was the pinnacle of Swedish holidys, ie Midsummer. This is the holiday Sweden stops in it's tracks. Quite funny that a "christian" country celebrates this pagan feast so vigorously. It's almost impossible to get in touch with any kind of official person. If anyone is sober this holiday, that person is considered to be somewhat oddish. So I'm an odd person, what else is new?

We spent the Friday in my brother's garden. This was actually the first time me, my three siblings and our mother were present at the same place, at the same time, in years. My brother had also invited his employees, six Polish guys with girlfriends and a couple of young women who occasionally work for him. All in all we were about thirty people.

As I heard that our BIL, whom I alternately refer to as FungusBrain and StatusHunter, also was coming I had my doubts about the whole thing. I've known this guy for many years and if he's barely tolerable if he's sober, you might imagine him as even worse with a couple of vodka downed. And, sad to say, I was right.

The Polish guys drank a lot but they were never really drunk or rather, they kept a cool head in spite of drinking heavely. So did most of the young women too. My brother passed out. Unfortunately our BIL didn't.

That my brother passed out was actually hilarious. This was the first time in more than twenty years that he's been drinking this much alcohol. Actually, the last time he drank this much was on his twentieth birthday and now he's 42. He had been bragging to the girls about his ability to withstand the effects of alcohol and of course the girls took up the challenge. He lost by far.
*evil laughter*

And then there was BIL... *sigh* He started out by telling my mother how to run her business. She told him to stuff his opinions and asked him how come he already lost a house (and almost his family) if he knew how to run a business. End of discussion. So he drank some more. And then even more.

Then there's this thing he has about provoking the kids. It's hard to explain but he's always saying and doing things that put the kids off. And when they (politely) ask him to leave them alone, he immediately starts yelling about them being ill raised and them not having a sense of humor.

He picked on LazyWorm on several occasions and finally I had to tell him to leave LW alone. BIL, being a champion wrestler with an ego to go with it, of course wanted to pick a fight. My sister got in between and stopped him. A while later he picked on LW again, calling him a wuss. LW asked BIL to stuff his head up his ass because that was where it belonged. And so I had to stop this 38 year-old from picking a fight with a skinny 14 year-old kid.

Instead he started to tell me I was a wuss, a pussy and some other invectives. As we were already leaving I just laughed: -Yeah, and you're quite the pinnacle of mankind, aren't you?" Had not my sisters arrived at that point I would most probably have spent the rest of my holiday in the ER. Anyway, that was the end of me being tolerant to this guy. From now on we'll SEND the birthday presents to their kids.

The rest of this week has been quite on the bad side for my brother. First of all, as we were having a good time in his garden, some asshole stole one of his trucks and went on a rampage through our township, mowing down fences and lamp posts. Later one of the amusement rides ended up in a ditch, together with my mother's Volvo. And then there have been several minor mishaps with the trucks. And of course, his other place was on the verge of getting burned to the ground. He's really had a streak of bad luck for some time now. If this doesn't stop soon the funfair will seize to exist this upcoming winter.

And me? Well, I've just enjoyed the weather, got my first sunburn, broken a tooth and in the evenings I've enjoyed the "Walking with..." series.

Now, I'm out of here. Have a pleasant time! I know I'm having it.


Linda said...

Are you watching World Cup at all? It broke my heart to see Sweden lose!



Virginia Gal said...

Sounds like your summer is off to an interesting start...can't wait to hear how it progresses.

PissedOffPencil said...

Linda: I've only been watching the World Cup off and on. Actually I didn't care Sweden lost because swedish media hyped our team to god-like status and put all the other teams down. I wanted Trinidad-Tobago to at least reach the semi-finals. I love underdogs that show they aren't that easy to defeat. T-T really did a good work against Sweden.

Virginia Gal: I really hope summer doesn't get worse, for my brothers and mothers sake. On my part how ever I just hope for some serenity and maybe som job offerings.