Sunday, July 02, 2006

This summers pestering music.

It happens every summer. Someone writes a song and it get's so popular, it's becomes a plague. A catchy tune and ridiculously simple lyrics and you've got a hit. This year in Sweden, it's the song Botten Anna. The link takes you to a video version with English subs and the Swedish lyrics.

The interesting thing about the guy who wrote and performes it, Jonas Altberg a.k.a. Basshunter, is that he's been fighting Tourettes syndrome all his life. His parents asked him to give up music and pursue another career but he in turn asked them to support him just one more year. They agreed.

One evening in late February Basshunter was chatting with a bot called Anna on IRC and suddenly realized that the bot wasn't a security program but a real person. In fact it was the girlfriend of one of his friends. Basshunter got inspired, wrote the lyrics in half an hour, composed the melody and recorded it. He fell asleep around seven in the morning and as he woke up late in the afternoon he uploaded it to his homepage. 24 hours later thousands of people had downloaded it! The rest is history.

Now this song is here to haunt us all summer. LittleAngel loves it.


I just realized that on Sweden's part, the World Cup in football is over. But there has been another song that's been pestering the airwaves. It's absolutely horrific but I still love it. And LittleAngel jumps around as soon as it's played. I love the little guy, Frans, who sings.

Here's a link to the Swedish version: Who's da man? (The Zlatan song)
And here's the link to an English version: Who's da man?


Virginia Gal said...

what a nice story - happy ending. I laugh at the idea of Little Angel dancing away to this song as it increasingly gets on your nerves, hee hee.

Shark-fu said...

LOL! There's nothing worse than a song that gets played to death. Right now I Had a Bad Day is all over the damned place here.

Ugh. that song is playing in my head!

Susan D. said...

So interesting to hear music that's on the airwaves in another country! Boten Anna is pretty catchy in its own way. The kid singing Who's Da Man is a cutie, but I must confess like all us ignorant Americans that I just don't get the whole soccer thing...

thatfarmgirl said...

Ugh. "Steady As She Goes" is the song in the US (by The Raconteurs). I like the band, but I don't need to hear the song every hour on the hour!