Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The final results are in.

Okay, summer vacation is here and so is summer itself. Ever since last Friday the weather here has been... summerish. I don't know why Spring hid itself but the change in weather was quite dramatic here in the southern parts. Rain, rain, rain with the occasional fine day and then -BOOM- temperatures were up in the 30 degrees centigrade (86 F). Just like that. The greenery exploded.

The kids are still at school for this week but on Friday they're out of there. If I was to decide, I'd torture them for at least one more week. Nobody ever think's of the parents. It's a matter of fact that summer vacations and the working part of the population really should adjust to each other. Kids are roaming the streets from mid-June and up until mid-August but most people don't have their four week vacation until mid-July. No wonder so many kids get in trouble. I'm actually glad I'm unemployed. Well, sort of glad. If I can get a job, working from home, I'd probably feel the luckiest man on the planet.

Anyway, I got the the final grades. I'm pretty pleased, considering I have four kids and I'm the only one with a driver's license in the family.

  • Mathematics: Passed-plus. I'm really thrilled I passed. The final test lifted me above my average which would have been Passed-minus but if I had just one more hour on the test I would have gotten points enough for Passed with Honour. My teacher even said I have a talent for math but that I've somehow convinced myself that I can't add upp numbers. She wanted me to sign up for next step in math. "Just think about it", she said, "You have a problem with very simple math, like 6x4, but you have no problem what so ever to calculate the surface area of a sphere." I might sign up for more math but there are so many classes I want to take!
  • Nature class: Passed-plus. Once again, the final test, together with our last assignment, lifted my grades to the brink of Passed with Honour. This teacher, who at the beginning of semester said that I wasn't cut out to read about science, also wanted me to sign up for the next step, specifically oriented towards *drumroll please* Biology. I will never be a chemist, nor a physicist, but I sure as hell could become a scientist in biology, IF I'd put more effort to it. Which I won't as long as she's the teacher. I don't like teachers treating grown-ups as if they were sixth-graders. Not without a cause, anyway.
  • Social Studies: Passed with Honours. Wow. In spite of all my tests being around average our teacher gave me a PwH. He based his grade on my ability to talk about the different social issues in society and clearly showing that I knew much more than the tests showed. "You might not be a brilliant pedagogic but you really know how to catch peoples attention and how to explain complex matters and express your views in an understandable, and funny, way." Coming from that particular teacher I feel honoured to get an assessment like that. I've already signed up for next semester.
  • Swedish: Passed with High Honours. Actually, it's not hard to excel in a class with so few students, all MUCH younger than me. I had all the advantages on my side; age, life experience, number of read books and most of all, my vocabulary. Many of the older words are quite natural to me (reading old books) and the girls had a hard time keeping up with my pace. Anyway, I signed up for next step, which will be in Spring 2008.
  • Web Design: Passed with High Honours. This class was a bit of a dissappointment. We had great fun but I didn't learn much new stuff. Most of it evolved around html and not so much around design. It wasn't... inspiring, if you know what I mean. And once again, it's not hard to excel if there no competion. We were about fifteen students at the beginning of semester and we were only three left at the end. I'm not quite comfortable with the PwHH since it doesn't really show the reality behind itself. But it does look good in my papers though.

And what's next, you might wonder? Well, I've signed up for Religion A+B, Geography A, Company Bookkeeping, Pedagocic Leadership, Psychology, Swedish B, Marketing and two or three classes more I can't remember right now. I won't take them all, that's impossible, but it's okay to sign up now and then choose from this smorgasboard at the start of next semester. I'll postphone some of the classes until next Spring because that semester is a couple of weeks longer.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I just have to get out to get some sunshine on my skinny ass. Bye for now and have a marvelous day!


Susan D. said...

Congratulations on your really good grades! How you managed to do all that studying with so many kids, I can't imagine.

We too have had rain, rain, rain here in the Northeast US for weeks and it has finally gotten sunny and beautiful. Makes me wish I was unemployed so I could just go out and soak up the sun!

Virginia Gal said...

Super duper congrad's on your grades, though I'm not surprised, all of your blog friends know how smart you are!

If you have an ability to do math, you should. How much I would kill for that?! I suck at math.

Do all these classes lead up to something, a diploma or degree or something?

Shark-fu said...

Yeah! Go P.O.P.!

Now you can help a bitch with web design questions, right?

Hope you enjoy the sunshine...

JoeinVegas said...

Yes, good work! But planning for classes in Spring 2008, wow.

PissedOffPencil said...

Thanks to all of you, and Joe, that was a typo. I don't plan THAT long ahead! :D