Friday, February 17, 2006

Finished at the top

I got my test in Social studies back today. It went even better than I hoped for...

I FINISHED IN THE TOP THREE!!!!! I don't know exactly where, but I think all three of us share the number one spot. This will be counted as an "Passed with honour", the second highest grade. I can't get any higher until final exams.

Yay, I'm happy.

Took my "extra" test in English B today and hopefully I'll get a PwHH for all that studying last fall. I was right on the virge of getting it and my teacher recommended me to take the test once again this semester. We've had to postphone it a couple of times but now it's finally done. For some reason though I get my Shakespeare pretty accurate but get "teflon brained" when it comes to Jane Austen. Then again this time around I remembered that Daniel Defoe had written Robinson Crusoe and Moll Flanders. The biggest problem though was that I got bored reading the same texts again. This might have had an influence on my performance. On the other hand, I was so close to a PwHH the last time and I answered a couple of more questions so it has to have been better. Oh well, I won't die if it's not.

Oh, I almost forgot: Neh nehneh neh neh neeeh! Sweden's lady hockey team won over the US! And it was a sixteen year old girl (Pernilla Winberg) that did it! And then the 26 year old Maria Rooth put the nail in the coffin. Yay! You go girls!


Shark-fu said...

Congrats on the high marks!

Oh, and on that hockey thing too.


Whatever...way to go, Sweden!

JoeinVegas said...

Yes, good work!

But the punch line - like I heard the description of a contest somewhere; our team came in second, but those other guys at work came in next to last. Until you hear there were only two teams in the contest. It's all in how you describe it. So, were there more than three people taking your test?

PissedOffPencil said...

Thank you, Shark-Fu! *hugs to comfort for the loss in hockey*

Hi and welcome joeinvegas!
*laughing* Maybe you're refering to the old joke about the Soviet Union sports reporter: Our team took the honorable second place while the American team came in next to last.

*proud smile*
No, in this case we were about 25 people, many of whom recently had left college (!) and actually should have done much better. Yesterday I realized it's exactly 30 years ago I left school after the mandatory nine years.

JoeinVegas said...

Pretty good for an old guy.