Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sometimes I'm all for death penalty

Courtesy by Aftonbladet.

Bobby became ten years old. Bobby was autistic. Bobby was tortured and killed by his stepfather and mother.

It's when I read stories like this that make me think I'm wrong, claiming that even murderers should be treated as human beings. Because Bobby was not just a child, he was also autistic which made him even more vulnerable since he couldn't cry for help.


Bobby was reported missing by his mother and stepfather. They claimed they left him in the car for just fifteen minutes as they were shopping. My immediate gut reaction to this was that his parents just had to be idiots. Leaving an autistic boy, a boy who needed constant surveillance at school, alone in a car? Why would two adult people have to go shopping in the same store if it was just a minor errand?

Well, sometimes people make stupid mistakes, but I still thought that there was something strange about the whole story. Having a child with a mild form of autism, I know that as a parent you always consider your actions. CartoonBoy needs surveillance but manages quite well at home. All he needs is a computer or a television set to keep him occupied but outside our home we would never leave him out of sight, not even for small errands.

Then things started to turn ugly. It was reported that the stepfather had been convicted for sexual torture against his former girlfriend and also threatened to kill her child. He had twisted her nipples with a pair of tongs until she screamed, burned her with cigarettes, forced her to walk around naked at home, used tongs on her labia and raped her on numerous occasions. All in front of her four year old boy. He got three years in prison.

This is when I think our system is wrong. A man like this is a danger to everyone. He will never change and the sooner our judicial system recognizes this, the better. A guy like this belongs in a mental institution for life. In fact, anyone who threatens to kill a child does.

Bobby's body has been found in a lake. He was thrown out naked in the freezing cold as "punishment" and lost his consciousness. The stepfather dragged him inside and tied the boy to a heater. The treatment took Bobby's life.

The human race has still a long way to go...


ScandinavienNova said...

THis story is so sick! I can't understand how a mother can do this to her own child..And it seems like it all is because of this bastard to step dad. But a normal mum takes her child to safety even if she goes back.

I don't believe that death penelty is the right sentes in this case.. Forever humiliation (förnedring) and abusing are what they should go through. Death is way to easy and harmless for them.

My heart bleeds for poor Bobby and all the other children around the world that get killed or abused by adults.

Tickersoid said...

An English crime academic recently said that, if we lock up all the pschycopaths, the extra cost of detention would be paid for in other aspects of life both financially and socially.
Short sentances are for non-psycho's who can be redeamed. Proper Psycho's are irredeamable and need to be 'put away' for good.
They represent 2% of the population. Half of them are not criminals but are a complete pain in the bum. Usually charming and and able to fix problems for you. Until you find out how they achieved the fixes.

Find out more about the nature of Psychopathy and you will be able to rearrange your value system and resolve your moral dilema.

Catherine Vocalist said...

This is so so so so wrong!

But while the Death Penalty may end the perps life, it doesn't bring the victim back.

I say torture the perp over and over again until they fucking lose their mind...

Ok, that was disturbing coming out of me... but whatever, they deserve what they get. the perp that is...

Uncivil said...

We are all allotted a certain time on this planet. I don?t understand why anyone would object to the death penalty. We are all going to die one day. And if you commit a murder, you need to die a little early. It?s as simple as that.


Molly Malone said...

I'm no fan of the death penalty, for various reasons. But I totally agree with you POP, cases like these are moments when it's hard for me to bedgrudge its use.

ScanNova said...

Sorry för detta men hotmailen är åt helvete så jag kan inte ski´cka mail.. Jag skulle byta template gick suveränt när jag kikade på "preview" var väldigt nogrann.. och nu när jag tryckte på att verkställa ändringarna så är allt åt HELVETE!!! Vad ska jag göra!!!?? Snacka om panik *snyft*

Shark-fu said...

Oh this breaks my heart. Such a beautiful baby. And of course I think of my own autistic brother and how he wouldn't have undrestood or been able to defend himself.

Shit like this also makes me conflicted about the death penalty. I'm not for vengence, but I'm not 100% against it either.

My prayers will be for that child to know happiness and peace in heaven.

Maidink said...

It's just wrong.

It's just fucking wrong.

I cried for two days because I yelled at Dinks and smacked her in the head for peeing on the bathroom floor. I was wrong for yelling at her and I still feel traumitized by what I did.

I could never ever EVER fucking do that to a child ... any child!

It's just wrong.

thatfarmgirl said...

Gosh. So very, very sad. I hope little Bobby is now enjoying a place where he will know nothing but happiness.

PissedOffPencil said...

ThatFarmGirl: Sadly, this is just one case of several similar cases in the last year.