Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I was right.

King Winter struck us once again this morning. It's quite annoying that he doesn't give up since I have a car to fix and I want it to be fixed NOW. On the other hand it's quite calming watching the snow fall.

I've been laughing my ass off about the Cheney shooting incident. He's all about "Guns don't kill people" isn't he? Maybe he learned something but I doubt it. People get killed by guns in Sweden too, in spite of very restrictive weaponry laws.

The bird flu has reached the island of RĂ¼gen, just about 100 kilometers from the coast of Scania. With Scania having a lot of poultry farms it's a little more worrying than before but I'm still much more concerned about the very aggresive tuberculosis strains in Russia.

I'm having my Social studies test in three hours. Better get back to my books.


NeoCleo said...

"Maybe he learned something. . ." Hahahahahaaaa, that's funny!

No, he didn't learn anything! He concealed the accident from the Whitehouse and the press for almost 24 hours and then when he did leak it, instead of going through normal channels, he contacted a backwater Texas town newspaper and left his Whitehouse staff in the dark! He refuses to answer questions about the incident, will not speak to the press, and only just today, three days later, has issued a statement. The spin machine is in full operation. Arrogant, corrupt swine!

Yes, it is funny, sort of--I guess it's easy for people outside the US to laugh over. But it's just another crime the Bush administration will get away with. Add it to the legion of other offenses they've committed over the years. If we US citizens are lucky, their crap will reach critical mass, explode, and take them along with it. Once can only pray.

PissedOffPencil said...

Don't worry, Neocleo, we have our share of misbehaving politicians too but it's more fun making fun of those abroad. :)