Friday, January 20, 2006

Taking a brake

Yep, I decided to take a brake to fill you in on the weather situation here in Sweden. Remember that "catastrophy" just before Christmas? As you might remember it was just an ordinary postcard-like snowfall.

Yesterday and today however, is a completely different story. In spite of the snow coming down as tiny ice crystals, we received about 12 inches and with wind speeds between 8 and 17 m/s, this is more like a blizzard. And, of course, southern Sweden comes to an almost complete halt. Trains and planes have been cancelled and some schools closed.

This never stops to amaze me. I can understand the planes but the trains? Authorities warn people about taking their car to work, close down the trains and then put buses on the road? If I was to travel anywhere during a minor (because this is a minor) snowstorm, I'd choose the train everytime. Jumping on a bus is just insane, considering that roads are slippery as oiled glass. One strong gust of wind and you might end up in a wreck.

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't trains running in Canada? Do Canadians stop their trains and then put the passengers on a bus, in the middle of a snowstorm? I don't think so. As far as I know, trains are running quite well during snowstorms in northern Sweden. How come they don't run down here?

If we are this vulnerable, what if there was a war?

Enough of that. Tomorrow is LazyWorm's big birthday party. Unfortunatley this snowstorm has forced some people to cancel. Others have got the stomach-flu, which seems to be in fashion right now. There won't be many guests left. Oh well, there'll be more cake for me... and of course I'll photograph it for you to drool over.

Today we had our weekly news round-up in Social studies. Every week, two of us collect news we find interesting from all over the world. (Usually this means Sweden and the US.) My fellow student who was going to help me, didn't show up so I had to do it by myself. Not that I minded... because when I start to talk, you have to gag me to make me shut up. Well, almost.

Of course I chose a couple of news from and about the US. The biggest discussion was about the possibility of George Bush being impeached for "Spygate". We agreed that there was quite a possibility this would happen since there was a precedence with Nixon and Watergate.

Then there was the "new" threat from al-Quiada. We felt that this was a way for bin Laden to try and split the collaboration between the US and the EU. He might even succeed.

Then some news from Sweden. Tomorrow (Saturday) is the 4th memorial-day of Fadime Sahindal. Fadime was from Kurdistan and was killed by her father because she wanted to live like any other Swedish girl. For some reason we call this "honor"-killings. My view on the matter is that there is no such thing as "honor"-killings. It's just the same old story of violent men loosing control over their familys. It made a good discussion. We agreed upon that some of it might be about cultural heritage but that was not the whole answer. I pointed out that blaming culture is just as dangerous and stupid as it is to lower a punishment just because the perpetraitor is drunk.

Then we had some minor discussions about some other news and I wrapped it up with the "mini-scandal" that was brought up in American media regarding Princess Madeleines move to New York. Well... she is a babe, so I don't blame them.

Damn, time flies when I'm blogging. I have to get my beauty sleep now. Over and out.


thatfarmgirl said...

Strange weather patterns. It's January in the Northeast US and today it was 65 downtown. Huh?

Virginia Gal said...

oh my Madeline is in cool?!

Hmm...wonder if she will need a personal assistant?

PissedOffPencil said...

ThatFarmGirl:Yes, the weather is kinda strange. Maybe we should all buy a bicycle? ;o)

VirginiaGal: I don't know? Maybe you should give her a call. You can tell her I'm material for a good (royal) husband too. :D