Thursday, December 29, 2005

Some kind of blizzard...

Those reporters can hardly have been born 1979, 'cause if they had, they'd never call this a blizzard. It's snowing, for crying out loud! It's just your average, winter-time precipitation and in no way in unusual amounts. No wonder people up north are having a laugh at us southerners.

Okay, so Scania doesn't receive this much snow on a regular basis, but calling it a catastrophe and chaos is so... meaningless in the light of Katrina, starvation in Ethiopea and other REAL catastrophies.

A picture taken yesterday as I was on my way home from shopping.

Also taken yesterday and shows our "new" church, built 1897. The "old" one is built in the late 12th century. (Up to the right, behind those bushes, is my father's grave.)

Two pictures, taken today around 11 am. Where IS that blizzard?


Maidink said...

Eee-yep, over exaggerating weather forecasters ARE universal and not just limited to the USA.

And of course, when they predict a "not so bad" snowfall, you end up insnöad for a week.

Thought I'd try mixing some words. Did I use it in the proper context?

ScandinavienNova said...

Nice pictures!!!

And yes, I must confess..we do laugh at you down there..hehe.. But we do it with love :)

And.. Fun that you understod that I was making a joke with this "insnöad" thing fro yesterday! Your brain is way to sharp for me !!!

PissedOffPencil said...

Maidink: Very good! You're a natural, and definitley not insnöad. :)

ScandinavianNova: I use that joke all the time, that's why I just knew you were using it against me. ;o)