Thursday, December 29, 2005

Accident, again... [update]

My mother's shoulder has just begun to heal. Guess what? Yes, she slipped on her stairs and has probably broken it again. Will this never end?

Well, it turned out that she didn't slip on the stairs but on the small slope that leads toward the gas station a hundred meters from her house. It's quite an amusing story really.

She had bought a lottery ticket and it turned out she had won 5oo bucks. Of course she wanted to cash in. She took a lot of clothes on and went to get the money she'd won. As she came to the slope, she slipped and broke her right wrist. Drama!

Now, that slope is the only place that's been cleared from the deep snow that covers the rest of her yard... Since my brother was baby sitting, he couldn't take her so she went by taxi to the ER.

My brother called me, I borrowed his car and went to the ER. I went up to the reception and asked for my mammy. (Yes, I'm 45 and still refer to my mother as mammy. Or mom.) You should have seen the looks on their faces! Priceless.

Anyway, I found her in good spirit but with a bad urge for some coffee. Unfortunatly there was no coffee around. The nurse was very good looking, reminded me of Kay Lenz, but much cuter. Me and my mother are always somewhat sarcastic against each other and after initially having looked quite stunned by our ranting, the nurse started to laugh. She'd never heard two people talk like that in the ER, especially not a mother with a broken wrist and her son. After some plaster and x-rays I drove my mother home in the "blizzard".

To top things of, after taking a taxi to the ER and paying the doctor she's got 15 bucks left...


Shark-fu said...

Oh no! Was she feeling dizzy? Maybe she is having problems with her balance.

So sorry and hope it isn't broken...

Shark-fu said...

Thanks for the update. At least she didn't just fall down for no good reason.

Too bad about having to spend the winnings though, but she did get a funny story out of it!

PissedOffPencil said...

*laughing* My mother is a tough cookie and even though her wrist hurt a lot, she's just laughing about the whole incident.

The only problem is that she's got TWO bad arms now. The left arm has barely healed since the last incident and she's quite unhappy with that.

ScandinavienNova said...

Oh.. I feel so sorry for your mother. I think that she deserve some peace in her life. Without any more problems to deal with.. BUT.. it was a bit funny though the way it happend and ended :)

Hope she will be back on track very quick!

Virginia Gal said...

oh, are you saying she ended up having to spend her 500 bucks on the doctor's visit - leaving her with only 15 left? That sucks!
I hope she heals soon.

Maidink said...

Poor mum. And around the holidays to boot.

Pray she is feeling better. Take her lunch or something. But make her pay (she has 15 bucks afterall). :)

Catherine Vocalist said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mammy. I hope she's feeling better soon.

However, that's messed up that she just ended up with 15 dollars...grr :)