Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More of that white stuff.

They've promised us a real blizzard during the night. From what I've seen and heard on the news from Germany, this is going to be a bad motherfucker of a snowstorm, rapidly moving north. It's going to hit us at midnight. Well, there's 45 minutes left and it is snowing but it looks more like a Christmas card than the beginning of a blizzard.

I haven't seen a real blizzard since 1979. Ever since then, they've exaggerated every little snowfall hitting us. Let's see if they are doing it this time too.


ScandinavienNova said...

Please.. This storm did we have during christmas. We was totally snowed in.. For 2½ days without stoping.. So, I don't feel sorry at all for you..hehe.. It is not more then fair that we share things this time of year ;-)

And today we have -33 c !!!

ScandinavienNova said...

Är det för att du e rädd för att bli insnöad som du inte tror vi ska höras av nåt mer i år? ;-)

ScandinavienNova said...

How are things down there? Chaos or is it okay?

PissedOffPencil said...

First of all, you couldn't have had this storm at Christmas. You live north and this storm comes from Germany and Poland. But it is moving your way. ;o)

Minus 33??? Wow... but your cold weather is different from ours.

No, I'm not afraid of being "insnöad" but considering that much of the damage from "Gudrun" still isn't repaired, we might get a bunch of power failures.

(For you english speaking readers: SN made a joke. The word "insnöad" which litterally means "snowed in", as in "There's so much snow outside my door, I can't get out", is also used to describe people who are very single-minded or of less intelligence.) :)

As I suspected they exaggerated a lot. There has been some snowfall but nothing like a blizzard. It seems it missed my little corner of Scania. The most southern part, Österlen, seems to have taken most of it.

Maidink said...

So, exaggerating weather forecasters are universal and not just limited to the idiots on the TV here in the USA. Do they tell you about the impending doom and how much snow falls every three seconds, also?