Thursday, November 24, 2005

Test, warning and kinkyness

I did this test a while back and since then things have changed. I'm a bit surprised that there's so little change in the chart, especially in the Friends/Family and Love sections. I guess that the kids make up for those things that don't work in my life. Since my dear friend ScandinavianNova did the test, I just had to do it again.

This Is My Life, Rated
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Overall, I think my life is pretty average, although I know there are some issues I'll have to take care off if my life's not going to turn to the worse. Financially I couldn't care less, because of the luxury of a well built welfare system, but my love life definititely needs improvement.

And since it's HNT (Half Nekkid Thursday) I just thought I'd surprise you with one of the pictures from the shaving "incident". I've actually shaved five days in a row now which is a new record. Now, if you don't like the sight of skinny men's upper body's, don't scroll down to the end of this post. If you do like skinny men's upper body's, feel free to scroll down but you should know that you are, in fact, somewhat kinky. ;o)

I might even put another one of those pictures on flickr. Just for friends. ;o)

I have to fill this space with something, otherwise people who don't want to see that picture will get caught by surprise. Now they at least get a fair warning. The question is what I'm going to fill this space with?

I guess I could tell you about old girlfriends but somehow I got a feeling that no one's interested in them.

*thinking hard*

Do I have any kinky sides?

Well, I do like women but that's not especially kinky unless I was gay.

I like my women somewhat intellectual, but... that's not kinky as far as I know.

I love to give oral sex, for hours. That's somewhat kinky I think.

No, the most kinky thing I can think of that would be a great turn-on is to tie a woman (gently) with handcuffs to a bed and then give her oral sex. No violence, only very lovingly.

Hey, I do have a kinky streak! And now the post should be long enough. *laughing*


ScandinavienNova said...

I don't have words for this post ;o)

But I do like the pic though... It did put a BIG smile to my face :)

About the test, you did great on it I think. I got a bit sad when I saw the results of family and love. Even if it was not a surprise at all. Shit the same.. I am happy and that's all that's counts..

And you know what? I am so sure that we both one day will hit the top score on all of the charts :D

PissedOffPencil said...

WHAAT!!! You = speechless??? :D

I knew you'd smile. Women usually get that reaction looking at me. :P

That you scored low on family... well, that wasn't a surprise but love? You have your DNA-copy and that's what matters.

One can always hope...

Me said...

wooooaa! All this talk of certain things for i feel soooo damn distracted!!

PissedOffPencil said...

Evangelia: Distracted? "All this talk"? I mention this tiny kinky streak in me in a three-liner and you get distracted? Lady, you need a cold shower, a really cold one. *giggling*

Francesca said...


Your wife is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky!!!!!!....Do you have a twin brother?!!!....with the very same "kinky streak"?!!!!!

oh my...i need to open a window!!!...It's suddenly hot in here!!

PissedOffPencil said...

Francesca: Hot? I thought that you lived in a place where there's never winter?

So you envy my wife? I just might write a post about that...

No twin but I DO have a brother who's three years younger and single We pretty much resemble each other with him being taller, stronger and with about 15 kilo's more weight. Interested? ;o)

ScandinavienNova said...

Maybe you should write about your skills in spelling? *grin*

THEN the ladies really needs a COLD shower :D

Francesca said...

Hold on! I on my way to Sweden!

(and if he's kinky, then I'll be there tomorrow!)

PissedOffPencil said...

ScandinavianNova: I'm shocked! How come you don't keep that information to yourself? I was saving it for you! Now every woman want's a piece of me!

Btw: How far into the alphabet do you think YOU would last? ;oP A. B. C. D... Just think about it...

Francesca: I don't know if he's kinky. There ARE things not even brothers discuss.

And he has three kids, did I mention that?

Francesca said...


I had better behave and not say anyhting else...Now where's that halo to put back over my head?!!...Oh darn!...It's broken!...