Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I hate when that happens!

I had written, believe it or not, a looong, beautiful and very well disposed post about alcoholism, joking, Sweden, friends and foes, LazyWorm's teeth surgery, the great British comedian Dave Allen and much more. Everything spellchecked and presumably the best and funniest post I've written so far. Because Blogger has been behaving somewhat strange I wrote it in Notepad.

At the same instand I decided that the post was ready for posting... the screen went black with a *blic* and the computer restarted itself. Everything, almost three hours of writing was gone. I hadn't saved ONCE during that time. Not even ONCE!!!

Why, oh why, didn't I use Words? Words always saves a temporary file. When I'm stupid, I'm stupid for real. Am I pissed? You bet...

But we have a saying in Sweden: Don't cry over spilled milk. This essentially means Suck it up and stop your whining!

So I won't whine. I neglegted to take precautions and I have to take the consequences. It hurts but there's nothing I can do about it.

I will only tell you that LazyWorm was really brave today. He underwent some surgery in his upper jaw, with only local anaesthesia. I was in the operating room the whole time, holding his hand. They actually loosened the roof of his mouth to get access to a canine tooth that had grown all wrong. It was hard work getting it out and I even offered my expertice as an auto-mechanic (used to pliers and small spaces). The surgeon just laughed and didn't take my offer serious. I was.

The darned tooth eventually came out and hadn't it been so gross, I would post a picture of it. It was almost an inch long!

A funny thing happened at the beginning of LazyWorm's ordeal. Me and LW had agreed on that he was going through surgery by himself. In the meantime I was going for a cup of coffe and something to eat. But then LW got second thoughts and started to cry a little. Not because he was going to be alone but he wanted to have full anasthesia. He wanted to be unconscious through the whole thing.

One of the nurses got it all wrong. She thought that I had chickened out and was going to leave poor LW just like that. She insisted that I should accompany LW in surgery and seemed a little surprised when LW said no. Then it hit me that she thought I would pass out by the sight of some blood. So I said "Okay".

During surgery she asked me several times about how I felt. And I could just hear it, by the tone of her voice, that she wanted me to pass out. Well, I'm a wee bit tougher than most people think. Then another nurse came in and asked me the same question. I told her that I had been present at four child births so a little surgery wasn't a problem.

After that, they left me alone.

On our way home LazyWorm asked me if I could see what they had been doing. Yes, I had. Was there a lot of blood? Not that much. Did they really loosen the roof of his mouth? Only the left side. Didn't I feel nauseous? No. (Not compared to when I made the mistake of taking a look at my wifes vagina as CartoonBoy was crowning. It's the only time I've ever been close to pass out. I didn't tell him that though.)

And then he fell asleep, the little hero.


ScandinavienNova said...

What a true champion he is :)

Did he not have a lot of pain after it was done? I think he was so brave, I am 31 and I need badly to go to the dentist. But I am too afraid for the ana-bla-bla (bedövning) so I wait for the 2 theeth to die and fall out :D

It must have been a bastard to thooth. My sisters kid had one like LW's. But that one they just pulled out.

I hope you have fed him with tons of ice-cream now? ;-)

Shark-fu said...

Oh my! That sounds scary and I'm grown! Congrats to LW!

And we all hope there's tons of ice cream being lavished upon the toothless one...

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Awww. The poor wee thing!

I'm terrified of any kind of surgery - oral or otherwise. The dentist if the most fearsome for me though. The sadistic bastards.

He deserves a medal!

PissedOffPencil said...

ScandinavianNova & Shark-Fu: Oh yes, he's been eating a LOT of icecream! The pain afterwards doesn't seem to have been as bad as I thought it would be but he's a bit swollen which makes him "sluuurp" a lot... :D

Piggy or Tazzy: The dentist that took care of LW is the most pleasent female dentist I've ever met. I'm not to happy about dentists but if I become a millionaire I'm gonna hire her to fix my entire mouth.