Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sometimes I just want to puke... the Swedish juidical system.

The latest stupidity that shows the systems short-comings is about an immigrant who caught a thief. The result? The immigrant is going to be deported and the thief goes free.

This is what happened: About two years ago there was a lot of car breakins at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. The immigrant got fed up with it, decided to try and catch the thief and hid in a car. Soon enough the thief showed up, armed with a knife. The immigrant jumped out of the car, disarmed the thief and called the police.

So far, so good.

But instead of getting a reward for his actions, the immigrant was impeached with battering and found guilty.

And the thief? Well, first of all, it's illegal to wear a knife in public here in Sweden. The thief claimed that the knife wasn't his and got away with it. Now, I can't see the difference if it's your own knife or someone else's. The law is quite clear: No knifes are allowed in public places UNLESS you need it in your line of work, ie: if you are a carpenter or have any other profession that requires the use of a knife AND if you can prove that you really need it, THEN it's allowed for you to have one. Since burglary hardly is to concern as a legitimate profession he couldn't use that as an excuse.

In my opinion the judges have made an flagrant error since it doesn't matter if the knive is your's or not. He should have been found guilty of wearing a knife, no matter what he said, but he, for some obscure reason, wasn't. That really pisses me off.

The immigrant was found guilty of battering. Now he's going to be deported since authorities won't give him a Swedish citizenship on the grounds that he's convicted for a crime. I actually thought that this immigrant was exactly the kind of people we were going to welcome. People with some balls, people with courage.

But no. In Sweden, the goddess of justice is not only blind, she's one fucking confused lady too.

Everything's not bad though. Today the Swedish Church voted for allowing homosexual couples to register partnership in church. Earlier, homosexual couples could only register in courthouses, but now they get the church's blessing too. That's nice. The church has to change with society, otherwise it will crumble down to nothing, or even worse, become the playground for all kinds of bigoted groups.

And to those at the church meeting who threatened to leave church, in case homosexuals got their rights, I have just this to say: See you in hell! (Since that's the most probable place for me to end up in. Even my father, who definitly was not all that religious, called me a heathen.)

Then there was this story of an e-mail stopping a girl from comitting suicide. I've always said that the Net has some use besides watching porn.

And since we're on that subject I read in a Swedish scientific magazine that watching porn actually can improve the quality of a man's sperm. (Not that I seem to have that problem, ahem...). It worked pretty good if the test subjects watched an heterosexual couple, but even better if they watched two men and a woman having sex.

Now, I don't find that last part so strange. Most males, of all species, are very competitive when it comes to reproducing. Of course they want to produce better sperm to give their genes a better chance.

Unfortunatly there was nothing about how homosexual men's sperm production reacted to heterosexual sex. That would have been very interesting. I mean, that heterosexual males react by producing better quality was not that big of a surprise. If homosexual males would react the same way... Now that would have been intriguing.


Virginia Gal said...

oh that is sad to hear about the immigrant story, it does seem to send out the wrong message, like getting punished for doing something good..

Ahh but happy to hear about the Swedish church allowing registration of homosexuals, nice to see an institute of faith being used for love instead of hate - quite the opposite here in America.

Francesca said...

Sometimes, it's just the dtupid laws in place and the judgements have to go accordingly, which sucks in a case like this. I think the best way is for the people to demand changes and some degrees of flxibility in the lagislation in order to give the judges wider discretion during sentencing and judgements.

Yippee!...on the progressive direction of the Swedish church!

Francesca said...

What's with all of my spelling errors?!

dtupid = stupid

flxibility = flexibility

lagislation = legislation

Clearly, it's not been a good morning!...even with the extra hour's rest!