Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Runny nose and earning some extra cash

It's been a tough couple of days. LittleAngel's cold got worse so we got very little sleep for some nights. At first we thought it might be an ear infection, but a visit to the doctor just revealed that she's one happy little baby girl with a severe cold. She charmed just about everyone there, until they realized that her hugging was just a way to wipe her nose on their clothes...

The other day I read that online picture firms are a way to earn some extra cash. I realized that I have about 3.000+ pictures stacked in shoe boxes here at home and maybe, just maybe, there were pictures I actually could sell. So far I've uploaded four pictures to this site. It's based in Scandinavia, Norway to be precise, but it's all in english.

I know that there are at least two people reading my blog, on a regular basis, who also are good, even excellent, photographers. So why don't you give it a shot too? That picture of the old house, or maybe the sunset over those palm trees, that you consider a nice memory, might just be the one someone is looking for. And willing to pay for... Extra cash never hurt anyone, now did it?

If you prefer picture firms based in the US or England, there are these to choose from:

123 Royaltyfree (only pictures above 6 megapixels, payment to cheque account or Paypal)
Bigstockphoto (Payment to cheque account or Paypal)
Can Stock Photo (Payment = ?)
Dreamstime (Payment to cheque account or Paypal)
Gimmestock (Payment to cheque account and the smallest firm)
Istockphoto (Biggest on the net, payment to cheque account)
Shutterstock (Payment to cheque account)

All of these have a lowest selling limit before they pay you. Big Stock Photo has the lowest, which means that you will get paid faster if you make any sales. The other ones, except for Scandinavian Stockphoto, have considerably higher limits.

And no, I don't get paid for promoting these sites. But I do know that most of us don't have fat wallets. Even if I only sell one picture in one year, it's still more money than I had before the sale.


Francesca said...

Gee! Thanks! I never really knew about that. I guess you can sell almost anything these days. Hmmmm...better sharpen my photo skills since i'm crap at it.

Sorry your little one has a cold, but she sure sounds adorable (and I hope she is better soon). Does she take after Mommy or Daddy?! lol

Shark-fu said...

Sorry to read about the runny nose! Hopefully, the whole family will not catch it...

PissedOffPencil said...

LittleAngel resembles her mother most but she has my hair and my blue eyes and I think she is a little more like me as I was as a toddler. :)

PissedOffPencil said...

Wow! Me and Shark-Fu posted almost at the same time. :)

Actually, it's just me, my wife and LittleAngel who have a cold. The other three seem to be just fine.