Saturday, October 29, 2005

And sometimes I'm just sitting here...

...doing nothing else but surf the Net or, in this case, trying to write something witty, profound or maybe even something shakespearian. (Or maybe shakespearian means witty and profound?)

No such luck, I'm afraid. Instead, I'm sitting here, slowly downing my second Rum & Cola. For those interested in such things, it's Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Gold and Key Cola. I don't drink Pepsi, nor Coca-Cola, mainly because of political reasons. I might tell you about that one day.

But I can tell you that Coke is the best selling beverage for eleven months every year. In December Swedes switch to the famous Julmust (Christmas soft drink), which has a taste that's not easy to describe. But for us, it's THE soft drink to drink at Christmas time. If you click on the link, be sure to read the comments too... And ever since Coca-Cola started trying to muscle it's way onto our Christmas tables, the resistance against them has grown.

Everyone here is sound asleep, except me, the cat and the dog. I just realized that it's almost two hours past midnight. Maybe I should stop this writing this post, drink my Rum & Cola, watch History Channel for an hour and then go to bed. Before I post something I will regret in the morning...


Francesca said...

I am beginning to think that most of us bloggers are insomniacs! So many of us are often found up at some odd hour blogging while everyone is asleep! (Who knows? Maybe that's we are most creative!)

Rum & Coke is a very popular drink here on the island, too! Although, even more popular is Black rum & Ginger Beer! We call it "Dark 'n' Stormy". Ever heard of that?

PissedOffPencil said...

I know for one that I'm much more creative when I'm all alone, hence the late nights. :)

I like dark rum too, especially Captain Morgans' but I've never heard of Ginger Beer. I'll have too google for that one.


Nope, not anything useful there...

*checking translation sites*

Aah, it's the same beverage that we call "ingefärsdricka". I've never tasted that so I just might try it. :)