Saturday, October 22, 2005

Autumn (Fall) is upon us

Yesterday evening, Friday, October 21st, weather changed dramatically. We've had the best Indian summer ever, as far as I can remember. Meteorologist's claim that it was thank's to Katrina and Rita. Nothing bad that doesn't come with something good too.

Yesterday evening, around 9.30 pm (or 21.30 as we would say) it started to rain. Weather reports had talked about some tiny, scattered showers over southern Sweden. What came down last night resembled more or less the Flood in the Bible. Thankfully we live on higher grounds so the water soon drained away. I think this was the worst rainfall I've seen since the flooding last summer when even the drains in the streets shot out of their holes. Pretty cool, having fountains in the roundabouts. Luckily my Volkswagen got through alright but there was a fair share of cars stuck down there.

Autumn always makes me a bit sad, although I love the vivid colours on the leaves. I'm a bit mano-depressiv, depending on the time of the year. Fall is the worst time, yet I love Fall. I usually get melancholic, sometimes depressed, at the end of September and sink more into it as Fall progresses. Then, around December 13th, at the Lucia (Queen of light) festivities, I start feeling better. Around Christmas I'm almost back to normal. Whatever that means...

The other depressed period occurs right before Easter. The two weeks before Easter were always the weeks when we worked as hardest at the funfair to get everything ready for the season. After working hard through all Winter we were always sick and tired at each other and to get back on the road again was a relief. I miss that feeling, entering a truck, knowing that we wouldn't see our home town for a couple of weeks.

Just thinking of that period in my life makes me all nostalgic, happy and sad at the same time. Thinking of the fact that it was more than 25 years ago makes me depressed. It's not that I miss being young, it's that special feeling at the start of the season that I miss. The only feeling that comes close, is how I felt at the birth's of my children.


Virginia Gal said...

(nodding head in agreement) something about growing up, I feel like I get less joy out of life, as I did when a child. I'm not a fan of fall, everything is dying, school starting...I get depressed always in the fall.