Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mother of all colds [updated]

Oh man... Do I have a cold? I do not only sneeze and sniffle a lot or try to cough up my poor lungs, oh no! I also got fluid behind my eardrums, especially the right one, which makes it hard to hear what people are saying. That in turn makes it hard to sit in class and try to understand what the teachers actually are mumbling about.

And as any typical male with no self-respect I whine endlessly about how utterly sick I am, that I'm almost dying and that I've never been so sick in my entire life. I almost believe it myself, since I got a slight fever and a severe headache.

Now it's time to hit the shower and try to make myself feel a little better before it's time for math. I have a test coming up Friday. Jeezuz...


I actually feel a little better now. At least I'm not dying. The shower helped, the lesson was as tough as it could be (for me, that is) and I finally managed to send in my papers to The Central of Study Subsidaries. That last thing was long overdue. I will hopefully recieve about 870 USD a month, for doing something I really enjoy.

One of the girls in my math-class, a young girl in her early twenties, asked me if I was the guy who wrote stuff here. Since my full name is on the site, I couldn't deny it, but I asked her not to spread it around. Then she asked me why, so I had to explain that I had been threatened a few years back and that Sockerdricka (which also is the name of a special Swedish lemonade, carbonated water and sugar that tastes a little like Sprite but much better) is about the only place where my real name appears. There is a sister site in English. I don't write there, yet.

Anyway, she told me she really liked some of the things I had written and that her favourites where the article were I made fun of the juidical system when it came to how rapists could get away and a humoristic poem about wine-drinking poets.

Then she told me that the article I had written about the girl who got raped by five of her co-workers here in our municipality had awoken her couriosity. What did happen to those guys? I told her like it was, that they got away with it. Their lawyers succeeded in their claims that it was every 20-year old girls secret fantasy to get fucked by five guys. And she had no problems drinking their booze, ie she was actually in on it.

Jesus, I can't even write about it without getting pissed!

LittleAngel is standing next to me, shouting NAM-NAM, which is her way of saying FEED ME! Maybe I'll continue this post later this evening.


Virginia Gal said...

Hope you feel better - colds suck!

Maidink said...

Yikes! Colds are evil. I've been fighting an allergy induced cold since the begining of October I empathize with you, POP.

And quit your whining before your wife throws you into a fjord or something.

thatfarmgirl said...

Sorry you're feeling sick, but thanks for the laugh. Have you always been funnY?

PissedOffPencil said...

Virginia Gal: I feel much better now, thank you. My right ear still troubles me but I at least have hope on recovering from the brink of death.

Maidink: My wife whines three times the amount that I do, but being male (and therefore still a big child) gives me the upper hand.

Thatfarmgirl: Me, funny? The man everybody considered should be an undertaker because I'm always dead serious? ;o)

Francesca said...

I'm glad you are feeling better.

That's really something how the girl in your class recognized you or remebered your name from that site, but what a lovely compliment since she enjoyed reading your articles. ;)

About the girl who was raped by the 5 guys: People sometimes think that the women or girls who are victims of these crimes were in on it (depending or the situation) or that they had a "gang bang" fantasy. However, if this is true or not, what people seem to misunderstand is that this does not minimize the CRIME. I think there are women that have a fantasy of being "dominated" sexually, but that does not mean that they wish to be abused or to seriously become a victim of a heinous crime. I know this is controversial for some people, but I just think people know when they are crossing the line!