Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pakistan & Indian summer galore

I was going to write about the earthquake in Pakistan and the horrible aftermath but I can't bring myself to it. It's just to catastrophic to comprehend, at least for me. My thoughts got out to all the children that have died, got injured or have lost their parents. News are talking about loosing a whole generation.

Last deathtoll was 40.000 people. Forty thousand people... No disrespect to my american readers, but that number of deaths does make Katrina look like a walk in the park. And once again I can thank my good fortune for living in a country where the biggest catastrophy is a power failure.

On the other hand, I think that's going to change. I read that southern Europe might very soon, within a ten year period, get extremely hot weather and more floodings. Spain will probably become a desert, as will Greece and Italy. USA will most probably be affected like that too, especially the states in the mid-southern part. In turn, the most northern part of the globe will experience more extreme weather. In fifteen years from now, we might consider Katrina as a minor inconvinience?

It's hard to believe it's October. We've had some occasional rain, but for the most part weather has been just awesome the last three weeks. Normally, September and October in Sweden is rain, rain, sunny, rain, rain, windy, windy, rain, rain, windy and sunny. These last three weeks have had temperatures in the 20 degrees Celsius range (about 68 degrees Fahrenheit), almost no rain or wind and only very foggy mornings.


Francesca said...

It's beginning to look like that which man doesn't destroy on this planet, Mother Nature surely will. It's becoming more and more disturbing.

M said...

You know that you cant write about stuff like the nature when I read..hehe.. I get so nervous that Mother Earth one day will correct all the things that we has destroyed by doing a After-Tomorrow.. I am so sure about that, and it scares me for real.

And when it comes to Pakistan..there is no words for it. It is so terrible. But it took not long before that news were replaced by a much more important news..Something about a bad soccerteam or what it was.. I cant belive how we can give so much attention to bad things thats happens in the west and so little when it happends to a country like Pakistan.

Virginia Gal said...

Mother Nature builds in natural barriers to her disasters, but we, man, destroy those barriers and than suffer the consequences i.e. the wetlands/marshs of New Orleans.