Saturday, September 17, 2005

Working up a pissed off attitude

The last post reminded me of the threats I recieved a couple of years ago, writing about neo-nazis in Sweden. Now I'm getting really pissed.

The thing is that, what I wrote at that time were merely facts and no ranting at all. I wrote about how strange it seemed to me that these people, who were ranting so much about criminal immigrants, had criminal records longer than my dog's tail.

There are criminal immigrants, no doubt about that, but for every criminal immigrant there are nine more who never had anything to do with the law.

Anyway, I recieved hundreds and hundreds of threats, most of them written by illiterate idiots who had no sence of swedish history, at all. Those didn't scare me. No, it was the letters written by people who actually could spell and wrap up their threats in such a way that they always could claim that it was all a misunderstanding on my part.

Since I never wrote anything anonymous, it was pretty easy for them to find me. In some letters they described me, my pregnant wife and worst off all, my oldest boy. It was pretty scary. I never told my wife the real reasons that I wanted to move to where we live now but luckily she wanted to move too, since we now live much closer to both her and my parents and old friends.

The threats stopped coming, but it wouldn't be hard for these assholes to find me if they really wanted to.

That's why I get so upset reading about anonymous threats, no matter who gets them. I wouldn't even send a anonymous threat to the worst nazi in Sweden. I wouldn't want to sink to their level.