Sunday, September 18, 2005

Biggest news in Sweden

Kate Moss snorts cocaine. She's the mother of a two-year old daughter. What a role model.
Right now she fronts the swedish company H&M in their new collection. 70 per cent of the readers of the biggest evening paper want H&M to break the contract with her.

The company's response?
"Of course there's the economic aspect but that's not our biggest concern. We believe in giving people a second chance. She's remorseful and has explained what happened."

Yeah right... I would just love to hear the excuse for rolling up a five pund note and snort.

Someone tried to burn up the mosque in Malmö. It burned to the ground two years ago. I wonder what the reaction would be if someone tried to burn down a church?

A church politician drove his car to "Systembolaget" (which is the only place in Sweden you can buy booze legally) under the influence of alcohol and got caught by the police. His excuse is hilarious.
"But Jesus drank wine too!"

A municipal commissioner was caught peeing backstage onboard a boat, where there was a convention. He claims that he only drank two bears but doesn't remember a thing.

Well, at least he had to clean up the mess himself.


Myranbus said...

Thanks you soooo vey much for stealing my ideas off what I should write about today.. Now since I was stupid enough to read your blogg until I had written in mine, I feel like a idea-taker so now I have to go and make some buns instead of blogging ;-)

Hmm.. Typical smart move from a smart man..You read my mind, dont you? EDMIT *laughs*

Take care and have a beautiful day with the family!

Myranbus said...

Well, after that very sassy comment I am glad to tell you that you realy should be sorry..Cause you are now missing out on the greatest buns in Sweden.. and you cant have none cause you said so to me ;-)

I hope you suffer.. ;o)

Moxie said...

The world has gone mad!

jag said...

Well, it is a well known fact that you never have, nor will, suffer regarding me..And it wasnt that I ment, I ment that fact that you was missing out on the lovely smell and taste off new baked buns..and the buns that you like..well, you can always buy a pair for about Skr ;)

Myranbus said...

I bow for that nice comment. Thank you :)

I realy didnt think before I wrote, it was early and as always I wrote from my heart. But if I may say it my self, I was pleased with what i wrote.

But you know how much I value comments like that from you.

Virginia Gal said...

So Kate Moss takes cocaine, depressing but I'm not overly surprised.
I didn't know a mosque in Malmo was burned down - that is so sad, especially in a country I like to think of as being very open-minded, but I suppose bad elements exist in all parts of the world. I hope the Muslims were able to rebuild.
I know America has its share of problems, but I don't know if there is as much immigrant hating as I see in Europe, maybe because America's history is so firmly entrenched in the immigration of different cultures - it is a country built on the backs of immigrants.

Maidink said...

I like the company's response to the Kate Moss debacle "...we believe in ... a second chance". Now if that was Joe or Jane Average, they would have been fired faster than a Lamborghini down a desert strip.

As for the church politician, LOL! What a dumbass.