Saturday, September 17, 2005


The other day I told you about F!, the new feminist party. This morning I read that the more prominent members have recieved a lot of death threats. I also found out that there were actually two men in the board.

What is it with people?

I don't always get along with everybody but sending death threats? Calling a lesbian a nazi-whore? Where's the logic in that one? Threatening their children? How much of a coward can you be? Calling the two brave men (because they are brave, taking a stand) for gender-traitors and lesser men? So sending anonymous threats is done by real men, secure of themselves?

To be honest, I would spit on those kind of cowardly, so called men.

I could actually vote for F!, just for the fun of it.


Jag said...

Jag förstår precis vad du menar. Håller med dig.

Men man ska ALDRIG rösta på ett parti omman inte kan stå för deras åsikter till fullo. För då förlorar det parti man sympatiserar med viktiga röster och man bevisar vet ju du så det var ju en onödig kommentar ;-)