Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hands full of headaches

First of all, LittleAngel's got a cold, a day care cold as we call it, since there's always some kid there with a running nose. She's pretty much been a pain in the ass, as only children can be. And swallowing a lot of runny goo doesn't help at the other end of her either. Phoo-ey, does that smell...

LazyWorm complained over headaches so I let him stay at home. Smart move, since he had to take care of his baby sister as I went out for grocerys. As I came home his headache was no worse than I could catch him outside on the lawn making some kind of "bomb" with baking soda. When I told him to haul his ass back inside, he mumbled something about he never was allowed to have any fun. I told him that the government had decided that parents are supposed to make their childrens life miserable, especially if they were home sick from school. Even more so if they were supposed to keep an eye on their baby sisters.

I think he almost believed me.

RazorTongue had a sour throat but was in a good mood coming home from school. One of the bullies at her school had been tranfered to another school, specialized in children with ADHD and/or DAMP. Luckily not the same school as CartoonBoy.

CartoonBoy, on the other hand, claimed he was soooo sick, since he had sneezed. Once. Because he got a drop of water up his nose while showering after gym class. I asked him if he was sure it was only one drop. With tears in his eyes, he replied: Yes, because after that, I closed my nose." And once again I was reminded that, a couple of years ago, this boy was not supposed to have any imagination at all. He's come a far way since then.

(Other parents don't like when their kids lie. Neither do we, but in CartoonBoys case, we make an exception. Every lie he comes up with, is a sign of progress. At the age of four he couldn't lie at all, or even pretend he was something else but CartoonBoy. If we dressed him like Batman for a birthday party, and someone asked him if he was Batman, he always answered, very politely: No, I'm CartoonBoy". He just couldn't imagine himself as Batman.

If the kids were playing cops and robbers at the day care center it was the same thing. He played along, mostly watching, but he was neither cop nor robber. He was always CartoonBoy and no one else.)

Well, suddenly I got a splitting headache, originating from Hell itself, and had to take a couple of pills. Luckily LittleAngel had her nap then, becuase this was a badass motherfucker of a headache. A look out of the window confirmed my suspicions. The weather had suddenly changed from a beautiful sunny day to a windy afternoon. I checked the news, and fair enough, this was the residues of the hurricane Maria that struck Norway the other day.

I don't know why, but I'm very sensitive to sudden changes in the weather, especially if it turns from high pressure to low pressure. And godammit my head hurts. This time the pills didn't help at all and I was glad that both LazyWorm and RazorTongue where at home. It took all afternoon, and a beer, before the pain gave way to something that at least reminded of my normal state.

The kids helped me make dinner (mashed potatoes, meatballs, brown sauce, broccoli and lingonberry jam) and then, without any whining, made their homework. Even LittleAngel seemed to notice that I wasn't fully functional.

The bad thing is that I promised to fetch my wife and a co-worker of hers after work, which ends at midnight. I don't feel like it. At all.


Catherine Vocalist said...

Very, very funny post. However, I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. Believe me, I have those days more often than I care to admit to.

Feel better! :)

Jag said...

Have you already forgotten who it is to be a child? ;-)

You are never too ill to try to change the world by becoming a the worlds finest scientist..and to become that, you need to practice and what could be better then to try to understand how you cab make a bomb out of bakingsoda? :-D

Virginia Gal said...

It is so interesting to see kids around the world are not really that different - makes me hope that maybe one day the world will realize as humans we are more alike than different and stop trying to hurt each other.