Thursday, September 15, 2005

Laundry day without IQ, please!

Today's laundry day. I hate that.

No, actually I don't. It's nice putting your brain on idle and "just do it". On the other hand, the periods of totally idling brain are quite short. That's what I really hate. Sometimes I just don't want to think. At all. My brain is turbo-driven and doing household chores, especially laundry, for some reason makes it rev down a bit.

I'm not saying that I'm over the top intelligent but my brain never seems to relax. As I had my nervous breakdown a couple of years ago I went through a whole lot of psychiatric and psycological tests, among them a couple of IQ-tests. Depending on the test, and what shape I was in, my IQ was measured to be between 125 and 136 which would have made me able to claim a membership in MENSA. I never did.

Why? Because I consider intelligence to be so much more than just being able to keep a lot of information in your head. I've met numerous of "intelligent" people who look down on others who might not have been able to keep a lot of infomation in their heads, but who had other sorts of IQ.

My baby brother for instance. He and I took a test and he got a pretty low score, under average. (I still enjoy teasing him about that...) Guess what? He's the succesful one, with his own business and money to spare. You can blindfold him, give him a full set of tools and he will repair almost anything. He's got what I call intelligent hands.

Or the guy who used to work for my father. He was considered to be dumb as a can of beans but he drove trucks like a dream. He had a tremendous IQ when it came to spatial abilities and knew exactly where he had all eight corners of the truck and the eight corners of the trailer.

Or my own little CartoonBoy... who hasn't got much of social skills but can hold tremendous amounts of information in his head and has the ability to take in so much information from a computer game that he actually can foresee what's going to happen. And that's not all. His eyes seem to register every little pixel in the games and he sees things that no one else registers.

But what use do I have from an high IQ, since my strengths lie in unnecessary knowledge, gathering information and sorting out the important pieces of that information? What's the use of intelligence when it's not sought for by employers?

Well, it may be as it is with that matter. Next monday I'm going back to school, trying to obtain ECDL, learning english and maths. Hopefully I can soon decide what I'd like to be when I grow up. If I ever do that.

And now... back to the laundry...


Shark-fu said...

Shit...I have to do laundry too. Put your brain on auto-pilot and give it a vacation from thinking!

Good luck with school and try not to fret about what to do when you grow up...who wants to grow up, anyway?

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I hate doing the laundry. It's a bastard. I admit its easy, but I just hate doing it - like washing up after dinner.

I've been a member of Mensa for a number of years. To be honest, I don't know why. i get nothing from it. I contribute nothing to the organisation. And I find it really amusing that a large, no a HUGE number of it's members are children!

IQ tests are no indication of intelligence. They are merely a snapshot at a particular moment in time - On Monday you could score 140 and on Tuesday, 110. Go figure.

And I agree with shark-fu - who want's to grow up? I don't! I'm quite happy being 43 in real world years and 23 in my head years!

Crystal-Lynn said...

Laundry sucks. The key is never to fold it or put it away. I have laundry lair, and there is an ironing board set up, an iron and 3 foot high pile of clean clothes. The Shark-fu/ABB uses my lair to iron her clothes in the morning and because it's my lair can't comment on the huge pile of clothes she has to step over to get in there and do her ironing bitness.

Re Nervous Breakdowns and IQ, I have a high IQ -- I dispute the results because they docked me points for putting a door upside down on a car puzzle. Truly silly test. I've had at least three undiagnosed nervous breakdowns according to my sister. They're fun as long as nip them in the bud before you lose your house or something. I must function -- I have a dawg.

I recommend that you pick a profession full of crazy people -- spend your days with your kind. I do. I work in advertising.