Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Thanks and more [updated]

First of all I'd like to thank ABB's sister for providing me with some useful links to help me understand how things work in the US. I really hope you will start blogging again, C.

Secondly I'd like to hear some opinions about the following:

Late last night I was sitting by my computer, answering comment's people had made in my blog. The Tv-set was mumbling in the background and suddenly I heard Fox News was going to make some kind of report about Katrina. Some guy named O'Reilly, I vagely remember.

I won't pretend that I was fully concentrated, watching and listening to what they were saying, since this was close to midnight and I was pretty exhausted. Let's say I was listening and watching with half an ear and one eye closed...

At first there was nothing that made me react but suddenly there was this reporter talking about the 30 foot wall of water that hit the coast of Mississippi. I don't remeber if it was Gulfport, Biloxi or some other town or township almost completely flattened by the water. And this O'Reilly guy asked:
Is this the american tsunami?"

I could actually see the reporter take a deep, deep breath before answering that:
No, this isn't even comparable to the tsunami..." And this O'Reilly guy got a somewhat dissapointed look in his face.

Somehow I got a feeling that there are forces in the US that, for some reason or another, actually want to make Katrina to "the american tsunami" to make her appear even worse than she was. I mean, Katrina was really bad but to compare her with the tsunami seems a wee bit exaggerated. If I hadn't been so tired I would most probably have thrown my remote into the screen.

Now, what do you think about comparing Katrina to the tsunami? Do people in general think that these two catastrophes are comparable? Or is my hunch right, that someone wants to make it even worse than it was?

I had to get out and have a smoke and calm down a bit. As I came back in, the first thing I heard was that canadian rescue-teams had been in the area hours before the americans got there. This O'Reilly guy, with a grin on his face, askes the canadian ambassador if the purpose of getting there so fast was to embarrass the President, since the government in Canada is to the left?

What kind of question is that? It wasn't even funny.

Now, if I had been that ambassador, I would asked the guy to get the hell out of my face. Instead he talked about neighboring countries who should help each other out in the time of crisis. Had I been that ambassador I would actually ask my president to withdraw the rescue-teams... until I had recieved an official appology.

Wars have been started for even smaller issues than that question... or is just me being a bit to cranky? What do you think?

And after that there was some discussion about the rapper (I just cant find the link where I read about it first) who said that Bush didn't care for black people. I really wanted to listen to that discussion but they started interupting each other, not letting anyone finish his piece. Since I'm not used to that kind of behavior and not having the skills to understand everything that's being said in such a "discussion", especially in a foreign language, I cursed the Tv and got to bed, mad as hell.

Well, this beautiful morning here in Sweden, and a good nights sleep, and that the kids behaved, made me in a better mood. I can smell that fall is going to enter any day now and that this summer is soon to be gone forever.

For all these years I've always said that I loved the summer, but recently I discovered that it's actually late spring and early fall that are my favorite times of the year. Summers in southern Sweden are either insanely hot and humid or cold and rainy and very seldom in-between. And although we have many fine beaches, the water temperatures on the east side of Skane are just above freezing-your-ass-off. The west coast is much better in that way, with water temperatures up to 23 degrees Celsius (73.4 degrees Fahrenhet) in late July, if the weather has been warm.

This summer started out good but halfway through, it switched over to rain. And then came August with a couple of hot days that slowly have descended in temperature during the month until we're halfway through Septembre. Now the air has a crispness to it in the mornings, a small reminder that it's soon winter again, even if the most southern part of Sweden rarely recieves any snow until January.

But even though we now get reminded of winter, there will most surely come a brief period of indian summer in October. Just as sure that it's going to rain in November and most of December.

Hmm... I seem to have drifted away from what I originally was going to write about. Doesn't matter, today weather seems nice and I think I'm going for a walk to clear my mind.


Ok, so I've taken a long walk, without the dog. It was nice, just walking around the neighborhood, doing nothing and letting my mind go wherever it wished. Checked out both our cars (Nissan Sunny -85 and a Volkswagen Bus -89) so there hadn't been a break-in during the night. One advantage of having old cars is that thieves disregard them as interesting objects.

I also met up with CartoonBoy's taxi, fetched LittleAngel from day care, talked to LazyWorm about his homework and got RazorTongue something for her headache. Then I walked the dog and boy is he strong...

Back in again, I put LittleAngel in her bed for a nap, said goodbye to the wife as she went to work, prepared dinner (spagetti and minced meat, a staple food in our household), did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen table after LazyWorm's between-meals snack.

LittleAngel woke up, so I fed her and halv an hour later I took care of the other end. Where does all this gooey stuff come from? And why hasn't anybody found good use for it? I mean, it's sticky like glue and it stinks like... Well, anyway, those two properties should be useful for something. Not for fertilizing though. My neighbours didn't like that.

And now I'm sitting here again, waiting for the clock to turn to dinner time. We eat pretty late, around 6.30 so that the kids concentrate on eating instead of whining about less time for hanging out with their friends, having to miss an episode of "Kimpossible" or whatever. At 6.30 they're usually hungry enough to eat without the whining.

For some reason I can't come up with anything intelligent to write. I've got two comments which both confirm my suspicion that this O'Reilly guy is... well, not a nice guy.

So I was thinking of continuing the story of my life. Then I realized that this post was long enough. I'll continue tomorrow. Unless I get a better idea.


Virginia Gal said...

oh my goodness, I'm the first American to respond, big responsibility. OK - Bill O'Reilly is an idiot, DON'T WATCH HIM - he is a right wing nut who screams at his guests, doesn't let any healthy argument go on and just likes to spout off. He use to be some grade school teacher (poor kids) who thinks he is an expert on the world. His show is drivel! I can't believe they got the Canadian ambassador on, there are some democratic politicans who no longer go on that show, because O'Reilly is so rude and unprofessional. As an American, I am touched that the Canadians came down and helped out, I only hope should they ever need our help we can do the same. And yes, despite what everyone says, I think there is something to be said about the fact that the response to the hurricane was so slow because of who was affected...would it have taken as long if the victims were middle class white Americans, I really don't think so.
Right, I hope another American pipes in about Bill O'Reilly, cause really he is just a big bully.

Catherine Vocalist said...

I found your blog through ABB and I am really enjoying it!

Anyway, FOX News is the worst and so is Bill O'Reilly. Everyone in that station is a Bush Supporter. Change that channel and watch something else. :)

PS Love the pics of your kids...they're beautiful! :)

Fr.Mera said...

Well dear PissedOffPencil I guess it is my turn to give you my point of view on at least one thing you have written. And since english isnt my favourite way to express my self in I do hope that you wont bite my head of too hard ;-)

I dont think that people who ask if the hurricane Katrina is the US form of the Tsunami that took place in Dec-04, realy mean to compare the damage or the number of death with their situation right now in New Orleans. *wow, what a long sentens* Anyhow.. I think that any catastrophe no matter where, or how big the damage afterward becomes is no less or nor bigger then someone else. The point is that a catastrophy never can be compared with someone else, sure you can compare how many dead people one cause compared to another. But still they all are big trauma for everyone that gets hit by one. Me myself often say that Katrina is the US form of the Tsunami, cuse normaly a hurricane dont do all this damage. It is something out of the ordinary. And I hope it never will be another one like this.

Take the Tsunami for example, for us here in sweden it was a big catastrophy cause we lost hundreds of citizens. And to be honest, why we was so generous at that time was mostly cause we could relate to it since there was a lot of swedes involved. Hmm..I dont know how to realy expalin how I am thinking here so I leave it and hope that you will understad what I am point at.

Now I am whispering..In swedish..Jag grät faktiskt förut när jag läste din kommentar om din nya lust att skriva igen. Glädjetårar alltså. Jag vet inte varför, men du är banne mig den enda som kan få mig att gråta hur lätt som helst. Jo, jag vet varför.. Men jag förvånas ändå varje gång. Du är nog den enda jag till 100% kan glädjas med, och det gör jag just nu när jag ser dig framför mig där du sitter och snokar efter fakta och hjärnan och lusten är i topp! Hur underbart som helst ska du veta! KRAM

thatfarmgirl said...

I am not an O'Reilly fan, but sometimes I watch because it gives me ammunition!

Insofar as the tsunami/Katrina comparisons, I think many are trying to tie the two together so Americans will have some sense of the scale of the disaster. Remember, we've never seen anything as big and destructive as Katrina on our own soil. Do I think they are the same? OF COURSE NOT! One happened in a country with a very different infrastructure and a completely different society. The other happened to my hometown. The only similarity is that both were vastly destructive and heartbreaking.

And re: Kanye West, the rapper who made the statements about President Bush during the fundraiser, Mr. West was obviously deeply, deeply moved by what he saw happening to African Americans in the Katrina-affected areas. Perhaps he chose the wrong forum to air his views (lots of Americans are big big big on their respective interpretations of their first amendment rights). I personally don't believe that Mr. Bush hates black people, but I would be inclined to say that a lot of white people in general care less about black people than they should. And that, in my opinion, is sadder than all the natural disasters in the world.