Sunday, April 05, 2009

April sun

Yes, the first few days of April have been sunny and quite summerish. The big news, however, is that I'm not unemployed anymore. I'ts true, I'm on a payroll! I actually work in one of Europe's most advanced laundry services.

No, it's not well payed (about $2.215/month) and it's not glamorous and it's not all fun and play but it's clean and there are a lot of pretty women working there, most of them in their late twenties / early thirties. Another good thing about the place is that it's a good mixture of different nationalities. Some Swedes, some Serbs, some Poles and some other nationalities. Most of them are very nice people.

This coming week I'm on the afternoon shift, which means I start working at 11.30 and get off at 20.00. The morning shift is between 06.00 and 14.30. I would prefer to work only the early shift since I'm going to work all summer, but The Boss (who incidentally happens to be a very good-looking red-head in her late thirties) says no-can-do.

And what do I do at work, you might wonder. Well, most of the time I hang sheets and other bedlinen on to a big machine and from then on everything is quite automatic. The only other manual work is at the other end of the mangle where we stack the bedlinen into assorted containers.

Then there's the terry departement where we fold bathrobes and towels. That's really boring even if everyone can work at their own pace. And some of the girls are really, really fast. I've seen a bathrobe folded in less than two seconds! For me, it takes about six or seven seconds on a good day.

There are some other things I wanted to blog about, concerning my job or rather the circumstances that led up to it, but I have to get the kids ready for bed. Even if they have their Easter holiday next week, it doesn't mean they can be up all night.

If I don't find the time to blog in the nearest future I want to take the opportunity to wish my remaining readers a