Friday, October 12, 2007

Santa's here!

Well, almost. But I'm here and thats what counts isn't it?

I've had a few days of meetings with my oldest son's teachers. I'm pretty pissed and tired. Partly pissed by my son's inability to understand that he's playing around with his own future, but mostly pissed by the school's inability to motivate him. LazyWorm is very intelligent but, as you understand by the alias I gave him, he's also tremendously lazy. I mean really, really lazy.

Next summer, in June, the nine years of compulsary school is over. It's time to move up a level. He wants to learn how to be a auto-mechanic. That's a nice profession that pays rather well. I don't have a problem with that, although he, in my opinion, is better suited as some kind of construction worker, maybe a carpenter. However, it's his choice.

The problem is that he doesn't have the grades for any higher education AT ALL! The school tells me this NOW. It's not that he skips school or behaves badly, it's just that he finds school boring and daydreams all day long. It's probably to late for him to clean up his act but he has surely made an effort these past two weeks. There's still hope but it's very, very slim.

And this morning I just got fed up with everything. I left LittleAngel at daycare, went home and accompanied CartoonBoy to his schoolbus, went home again and discovered that LazyWorm still wasn't ready for school. I just told him to hurry up. After he left I just sat down at the kitchen table and tried to motivate myself to go to school.
I couldn't.

Instead I brewed a big pot of coffee, called in sick, watched TV for an hour and then sat down to do my homework.

Everything is however not bad. RedHead got a part-time job as a cleaning lady at the town hall. Halleluja! Finally I got her out of the house. And she lost more than 20 kilo's (44 lb) which has had a great impact on her stamina and temper. She's still overweight but well on her way to look more like her age. (People actually asked her who that "toyboy", eg. Yours truly, was and how she, at her age, could let herself get pregnant with such a young man...) Something like that might be good for my ego, but it was devastating for RedHeads. And finally, she listened to me and the kids as we pleaded her to stop gaining weight. The overweight itself wasn't so bad but she had gained 2-4 lbs every month since LittleAngels birth. Now she's on the right track. I don't want her sized down to model size, I just want her to be mobile again.

Ah, and the weight loss has also made her a bit more prone to have sex. That's nice.

Yes, I've re-modeled the blog. I was getting tired with the old design. All links and stuff will be put back eventually. Now I have to leave you. See ya' around


Lynda said...

thank god you are back!

PissedOffPencil said...

Thanks Lynda!

I'll try to update my blog more often. :)