Sunday, October 21, 2007

Old posts and Corporate financing

Last night I read through many of my old posts and found out that I had several drafts saved but never published. These were on such different topics as sexuality, parenting, immigration and democracy. And there's still that last part of the story of my marriage... Now I,m wondering if my drafts will be published on the day they were first created or if they get published on the current date. I think it's the latter but I'm not sure. Have no fear, I will find out, eventually.

I'm actually thinking of starting a new blog, totally devoted towards sexual issues. Not only is this one of my favorite topics but I also think I have a lot of good things to say about it. On the other hand, I could just as well put those posts on this blog. I think I'll have to think some more about that. Above all I should start using those labels so that people can find interesting posts faster.

A totally different matter is my education. As many of you might know I'm making up for not continuing school after those nine years of compulsary school and at this point in time I'm learning about Corporate financing. Fascinating stuff! The only drawback is that there's a lot of math. I'm not good at math, even if I do understand the basics.

My plan was to start at the university in Lund this fall, but unfortunately a mistake on my part made my application non-valid. So, instead of being unemployed, I chose to take on a course in Corporate financing. The new plan was to apply to the university next spring. However, this course was so fun and interesting I've decided to postpone higher education to the fall of 2008.

And now I'll have to do my home work. See ya' around!


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Francesca said...

I'm glad you are doing well and continuing with your studies. I miss reading your blog. It's been a very long time. Hoping you will post again soon. xx