Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snowstorm galore

I've been complaining about the lack of a proper swedish winter for the better part of December, January and February. Well, no more... It started snowing about halfway through last week. We've received all the normal winters snowfall during a couple of days! Complete disaster for the infrastructure. Most of southern Sweden came to a complete halt. Might I remind you that I live in a country that lies closer to the North Pole than the Equator...

In spite of media warning people about driving to work some idiots still took their chances. The result was more than two-hundred separate accidents. Luckily very few fatal ones. And yesterday, when things started to clear up a bit, it started to rain sub-zero. This means it rained, but the ground (and everything else) was so cold the raindrops froze instantly on impact. People still went out to drive. The insurance companies will have a hard time.

I haven't been following what goes on in the US lately, but I read an article about US soldiers coming back injured from Iraq, often handicapped, back to a life where they're supposed to fend for themselves, by themselves. At the same time some people are getting richer and richer, especially the people around President Bush.

I must say I'm amazed that american media, once among the freest in the world, now seems to be very quiet?


Molly Malone said...

as for the winter; i'm glad you're glad it finally came to sweden. i can tolerate about one week of snow and two days of ice and then i'm ready for spring.

as far as the US soldiers story: my guess is you're talking about the Walter Reed hospital expose the washington post did a few weeks ago. it is pretty big news over here. ... or it was for a few days; we're still hearing all the shit about Anna Nicole Smith's death.

we do still have a very free press. but a free press doesn't mean it's obliged to focus on the important stories. they're still free to waste their time on the tripe that sells papers. likewise just because the information is out there, doesn't mean that the public will necessarily follow it.

the good news is, several high ranking officials in the US Army have resigned or been fired over embarrassment and mishandling of the hospital situation. our elected leaders are also forming task forces to see what can be done to fix it.

glad to read your semester is going well. i'm sure you'll kick ass!

mommanator said...

HEJ-glad to see you are back posting despite your hectic schedule.
I just talked to someone in Stockholm and was under the impression you didnt get that much snow this year? or is the snow recent like us in the US? We in NJ are now being bombarded by wind-YUCK and soo cold.

Anonymous said...


Come to the Lou for Cinco de Mayo. We'll have Corona and lime or some margaritas at a bad TexMex joint. For president in 2008 I'm supporting Bill Richardson of New Mexico -- if he gets the Democratic nomination. We'll need a free press to pump up his bonafides. Vaya con dios.


Anonymous said...

i miss your blog. please come back.

Ida said...

I agree, I miss your blog. Please come back.

Anonymous said...

we miss you!jhofye