Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hi guys!

No, my wife hasn't killed me and yes, we're still married. Both of these might change in the near future but so far everything continues in it's old tracks.

These last weeks have been INTENSE! We're only in the fifth week of the semester and I've already taken two tests; one in literature about authors in ancient Greece and one in cultural history about the development of art and ideas between the first signs of humanity and up to the start of the Middle Ages. That last one was TOUGH! I had a really hard time remembering which greek philosopher who said what and what the hell he meant by it. And then there was the art itself. The questions covered everything from Venus from Willendorff and Lascaux via ancient Greece and the Roman empire all the way up to the start of The Middle Ages in Europe. At that time, in Sweden, the Wikings had recently started to explore the known world.

Next week we have a test in Philosophy. That's going to be really tough. Me and one of my fellow students, a very nice girl of Chilean descent, have a paper on prostitution to finish too. Luckily we have a week off after that. But I still have to do four different papers in four different classes during that week.

As you can see my days are stuffed with things to do, hence not much of blogging on my part and even less time to catch up all those blogs I usually read. I suspected this semester to be tough but not this tough. The good part is that I love it.

Winter finally hit us in these southern parts of Sweden. Well, at least we had almost ½" of snow the last few days of January, then some rain, sun and then some colder weather and today it was cold and sunny. I still think it would be a good idea to move Christmas to the end of January.

I'm starting to wonder if the climate change is all to blame on us humans. Don't misunderstand me, I still think we have to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases but I think that it's even more important to reduce all kinds of pollution. Not to mention how important it is to care about how we use our resources. When the oil resources are depleted, they're not going to regenerate themselves in a couple of years. It'll take billions of years. The same can be said about the very soil we grow our food in. Once we've destroyed it, we're in for a rough time. A very rough time.

Anyone willing to bet against that our great grandchildren might be back in a new Stone Age unless we start acting now?


Shark-fu said...

I'm not taking that bet!

Glad to know you're still alive, P.O.P!

JoeinVegas said...

Stone age, not ice age.

Glad you are enjoying the new classes.

Molly Malone said...

i think our grandchildren will need gills and fins.