Monday, October 16, 2006

More politics

I actually have some spare time this Monday morning!

These last few days have been somewhat turbulent for our new government. Our Trade Minister has resigned and we're waiting for our Culture Minister to resign too. You can read about our Trade Minister here and our Culture Minister here. If you want to read more about the background you can find it through The Local.

Then there's the scandal (and it's really a scandal!) about the Chairwoman of SSU. Earlier this year she was drunk and got into a fight with a bouncer and made racial insults towards him. Read about it here.

She's been found guilty on all charges but still refuses to step down. And this is just typical of political broilers. She's never worked a day, most of her friends and family are politicians and superciliously she continues to claim she did nothing wrong. Everyone, including four witnesses to the assault, completely misunderstood the situation.

However, after massive critisism, she's finally decided to take a brake from politics. About time too...

The new government has also presented it's first budget today. In short:

  • The unemployment fee is going to be raised with at least 100 SEK for everyone. (I suspect this is a way for the government to undermine the unions. Many people complain about high union fees and if the unemployment fee is raised many will leave their unions. Weaker unions puts a downward pressure on wages. What really bugs me is that people who's line of work has a higher risk of unemployment are going to pay more than those who are almost guaranteed a lifelong employment. This will ultimately lead to that some professions will disappear.)
  • The unemployment payment will be lowered. (I just can't understand how people got surprised by this? Many unemployed people actually voted for the Alliance, believing their promises about "free choice". Today... well, let's just say these people are pretty pissed, realizing their choices just became fewer instead. Right-wingers have NEVER cared about unemployed people, but some people just don't seem to learn. Now they're learning the hard way.)
  • You have to visit a doctor the first day you get sick. (This is how the new government want's to get to those who cheat with sick leave. As we all now, sick people aren't really sick, they're just parasites on society's body. There's no doubt that there ARE cheaters but this is calling a whole nation's inhabitants for cheaters. Which is just typical for the self righteous right-wingers.)
  • Cigarettes and snuff are getting more expensive. (That's okay with me and I believe most people agree on this.)
  • The mandatory traffic insurance fee is going to be raised. (This government wants to stimulate the economy and "make working worthwhile". How are they going to do that if people can't afford to drive their cars to and from work? The only positive thing with people who can't afford a car is that they don't pollute...)

That's unfortunately all I have time for today. :)


JoeinVegas said...

Is this really the first time these people have been in an elected office? To become high ministers, and not realize that the media would research your history?
We now have a candidate for Governor that evidenly had two glasses of wine (he is a self-proclaimed Mormon - no alcohol allowed) and the papers are crying against him.

Ida said...

Thanks to Joeinvegas I found your blog. And I'm glad about it. You are so right on about the goverment! Fortsätt så!

PissedOffPencil said...

Joe, Swedes are still very innocent people. We've been living in this cold, dark outpost of northern Europe and telling the rest of the world how to take care of their business. We've had peace for almost two centuries and still beleive we know it all. Our media has become more and more internationalized but many swedish politicians still think they're safe from scrutinizing journalists... Some of our new politicians have only been local politicians with no experience from national politics. But this time those who really messed up HAD experience from the media, which makes their mistakes even worse.

Hi Ida! Welcome, fellow Swede! :) Och tack.