Thursday, October 12, 2006

Limited time

I'm sorry about not blogging as much as I wanted to but I'm even more sorry I haven't been able to catch up on YOUR blogs. Math was even tougher than I thought this time around and if I pass it, I'll be one happy person. The little spare time I have goes into the 2wonderful" world of mathematics.

I read through my last post and saw that I had forgotten a few things about our electoral system.

First of all I forgot to tell you that everyone from the age of eighteen and upwards is entitled to cast his or her vote. No exceptions. Okay, there's one = you have a social security number and been living in Sweden for at least three years to vote for government. If you have a social security number and have been living here for less than three years but at least one, you're entitled to vote for the municipalty. No other restrictions whatsoever. Any color, religion, if your'e criminal or not, you have the right to vote. No registration, nothing except you have to identify yourself at the voting booth.

The second thing that came across my mind was that we don't have elektors like in the States. The head of the party that won usually, but not necessarily, becomes the Prime Minister.

And that's all I have time for. I hope to explain more later on.