Saturday, August 26, 2006

I don't actually know what I'm going to blog about

but I guess my brain will somehow put something together.

Let's start with school, shall we? My own, that is. How about a little gossip about my fellow students and my teachers?

I have the same teacher in programming, database and math. She's about 60 years old and a great teacher, although somewhat confused from time to time. But she's really good at explaining things, especially in math.

The teacher in Geography and Basic Law is the same teacher I had in Social studies last semester. He's also great with a lovely sense of humor.

Now, the teacher in this semester's Social studies is a bit mysterious so far. Sometimes he'll give you the impression that he's a badass racist and the next second you get the feeling he's trying to provoke you into political discussions about racism and get you to think that you're a racist.

Okey, so how about my fellow students? Most of them, not all though, are much, much younger than me. Most of them are nice people but there are, as expected, som real assholes too. So far there are few who have made a lasting impression on me but there are some.

In Geography and Basic law there's TinyRedHead. She's in her early thirties and, as you might have guessed, a redhead with a very small frame. She's been a model and she's also worked with funfairs. No wonder we get along well! She also has one of the nicest smiles I've ever seen. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this... but she's single. Luckily she's also very selective. Lucky for RedHead that is...

In Geography and Math there's BrownEyedBlonde. She's in her late twenties, married with a nice guy from Turkey and has two kids. Intelligent, good-looking and nice. I've known her for the last couple of years.

Also in Geography and Math there's QuietBlonde. She's one of those people you just can't help notice. She's in her early twenties and stunningly beautiful. I mean, really stunningly over-the-top beautiful. She also has a lovely smile, is very soft-spoken and seems to be a nice person. I haven't had the chance to really talk to her but the few sentences we've exchanged gave me the impression of her being quite intelligent.

In Programming, Geography and Social studies there's AntiEinstein. Okey, he's a fairly nice guy in his late thirties but also a pain in the ass. It doesn't matter what, but he always tries to be the know-it-all. Especially in programming he tells everybody how good he is at computers and related things but guess who always needs help with the simplest of tasks? There's no doubt that the guy is intelligent but intelligence without the ability to admit that he could be wrong equals a pain in the ass.

An example: The other day we were assigned personal projects. He chose the geology in southern Sweden while I chose Three Gorges. As we were sitting by our computers and looking for information on our subjects, AntiEinstein started to complain about not finding any. I told him to google it. His reply: No, I don't like Google, it's to cluttered. You know, all the pop-ups and stuff. And, you know, I prefer Altavista because it has more relevant links."

What!? I must have missed something somewhere? I've never seen a pop-up while opening Google. And where the hell did he find the clutter?

Anyway, he continued to search for another good twenty minutes and continously complained about the lack of information. Finally I googled his subject and came up with about a thousand links. The top link was to the Swedish Geological Institute... and of course that was what he was looking for. He didn't even thank me.

Then there's this other guy, EinsteinWannabe. He's highly intelligent but lacks a bit of social skills. He's also a nice guy, in his mid-twenties and a bit shy. A real math-wiz, a little bit of know-it-all but still a nice guy. If you're wrong he doesn't rub it in but tries to explain where your train of thought took a side track. He does it with a slight smirk in his face but I think that's just a bad habit he's aquired from elementary school. This guy was probably making his teachers feeling stupid. And he admits if he's wrong.

And then there's this guy, YoungPop, who looks just like I did back in my late teens- early twenties. There's absolutely no doubt about his intelligence but he's also arrogant and lacks social skills. If we are discussing in class, let's say about relations between different countries, he's the one that starts discussing the same relations on a sub-atomic level. Everytime he opens his mouth you hear a unanimous sigh from the whole class. If he wants to discuss rocket-science, fine, but in Social studies?

Okey, no more time for gossip. I've promised to help FIL and MIL with moving a heavy cabinet from RedHeads grandmother's house to grandmother's new (and much nicer) home.