Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Your English Skills:

Punctuation: 60%

Spelling: 60%

Grammar: 40%

Vocabulary: 0%


JoeinVegas said...

Vocabulary zip? But you sound so good here. At times it's hard to tell that you aren't a US blog.

Virginia Gal said...

That's crap, your English is superb!

Lynda said...

Don't feel bad, your American fans would have scored much lower. :)


linda said...

BTW, I'm American. That was really a jab at myself. Your english is fab!

Maidink said...

Sorry I've been away. I've been more of a lurker on some sites (yours included).

Now, POP, just because Cranky Prof got a perfect 100 all the way down, don't be so hard on yourself. She's an English professor, she has an "in" on that stuff.

Your English is fine. That test is lame.

If it makes you feel any better, my Swedish sucks. I only know IKEA.

And P.S., my blog addy changed. The Blogger blog is still alive but the WordPress blog is now so get crackin' on updating that link!

It's good to talk to you again!

Katherine Ayala said...

Your english is just fine. In fact, it's better than alot of native speakers...

So glad to have you back and thanks for the comment...

I took down the pic, it was making me hot and not in a good way LOL

It was taken during the winter though, in NY...I don't know what possessed me to post it ;-)

JoeinVegas said...

OK, don't make this cause to to stop posting now. We all come to read whatever you put down. (and it's pretty good, too)

Molly Malone said...

Dude, do you realize there are plenty of native English speakers whose scores would probably equal those and they still manage to get good jobs? Some of them even go on to lead major world superpowers! ;)

I wish my Spanish was nearly as good your English! Don't worry.

Shark-fu said...

That is complete bullshit...made me frown!

You have a firm grasp of the English language, P.O.P.

Swedish, however, is still giving me fits.