Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My dear, dear friends...

I appologize for being absent from Blogger for a while but I've been busy trying to relax from school. Beleive me, it's not as easy as it might seem. We have Easter holiday now, eight days in a row. Any parent knows that Easter holiday also means the kids are home from school, hence the holiday isn't much of a holiday.

In my case however, that's going to change on Friday. RedHead, LazyWorm and RazorTongue are going to help my mother at the fair, selling tickets and stuff. I'm staying at home taking care of CartoonBoy and LittleAngel. And I'll do some studying too. I haven't opened a book since last Friday.

Speaking of Friday, two things happened. I started the process (again) to quit my bad habit of smoking. I've never been so succesful before! Today it's Wednesday and I have only had two setbacks! Maybe it'll work this time?

The other thing that happened was that I went out to my VW-bus, turned the key and it started! Not with the usual you-haven't-tried-since-November-growling but just like that. I turned the key and within two seconds the engine was purring with joy. That's quality! The only car I've owned that could match it was my Volvo Amazon 1966. That Volvo stood still for about a year and a half and one very cold December morning I decided that I wanted to drive it home to my girlfriend instead of driving my Scania truck. It started as if it had been running just a couple of hours earlier. Aah, those were the times... They just don't do cars like that anymore.

Another thing that's happened is that my professional life seems to take another turn towards computer related work. Just in the last few days there's been a couple of calls from people who want me to build web sites. I was quite amazed until I realized that they weren't in demand of my amazing (non-existent) skills but they wanted me to build their web sites for one reason and one reason only; I'm cheap and I take care of everything that has to be done. I'm charging about $200 for building a simple site, register a domain name, setting up the domain and upload the web site. A real professional would probably charge ten times that amount but I'm just an amateur, hence they pay for an amateur. And it's incredibly boring building web pages. Especially if the customers don't know what they want...

Sunday is LittleAngels second birthday. She's developed quite a temper but only towards RedHead. The little brat throws things at her mother but behaves as soon as I'm around. On the other hand, if she falls and hurts herself she always cries for Mummy, not Daddy. Her favourite word: POO! (and then point at her diaper).

Well friends, it's late and I have to get my beauty sleep. Bye for now and I promise I won't be long gone.


Virginia Gal said...

Happy birthday to Little Angel!

I can't wait to hear the stories that come from the two elder kids and their job...I anticipate some fun stuff!

Catherine Vocalist said...

Birthday wishes to littleangel..

We miss you! Come back soon!

Shark-fu said...

He's back!

Goodness, a bitch was starting to fret.

Happy Birthday wishes to littleangel and good luck with the no-smoking thing!