Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just had to take a break.

I've been buried in studies (and a severe cold) since my last post so I'm taking a small break today. At least a couple of hours. I've been almost isolated from the world.

Old news: Our Foreign minister had to resign. About time too. She's been involved in too many strange affairs and doesn't seem to have much knowledge about the world, which became all to clear as the Tsunami hit Thailand. Thailand, and Phuket in particular, are on the brink of being swedish colonies! That's how popular this country is among Swedish tourists. Still, Leila Freivalds had no clue whatsoever on what Phuket was. Even my wife, with extremely limited knowledge in geography, knows the names of the most popular places in tourism.

Clicking on the link above will give you some more background but I also have to admit that since the condominium affair the media has been all over her, looking for anything to write about. The reason? She, being interviewed, slammed her door in anger right in the face of the press in front of the TV-cameras. At that time I actually felt a bit sorry for her, even though she had broken a couple of rules.

The media however, never forgave her, and there's been open season on everything she did. She should have left her position right after the Tsunami instead of listening to our power-hungry Prime Minister. She wasn't well liked before and him covering her ass just made people dislike her even more.

I especially remember him at one point saying that he would take the consequences and the blame on everything. That's quite easy for him to say, being a multi-millionaire and knowing that nothing much would happen before the elections in September. And what were the consequences? He would have lost some prestige, that's all. He would still have his money, he would still get his pension and he would still be able to work AND lift his pension... No jail, no fines, no punishment whatsoever.



I don't remember telling you about RedHead buying herself a baking machine? Well, she bought one before Christmas as a gift for herself. The excuse was that she would now be able to bake all the bread we needed. I, for one, feel that there's nothing that justifies a baking machine, not even the smell of freshly baked bread. We have hands to knead the dough and we have an oven. Why on earth would we need a baking machine? Our household is crammed with electrical appliances we never use, with the one exception: the micro wave oven.

Yesterday she used her new machine for the first time. She would have used it earlier if it hadn't been for the fact that she didn't find the measurement cup, which incidentally was in the box together with everything else. She's been whining about it for months and finally she unpacked everything in the damn box. Suffice to say she became a bit embarressed...

The first try became, after three hours, a bun. It was supposed to be a loaf of bread but it's size and shape was more like a very heavy bun. Very heavy. The crust was about 1/2 inch thick and would have made an excellent hard-hat.

The second try was a bit better but when it was finished it was too late in the evening to eat. I mean... SIX hours to make two loafs of bread? She decided that the kids could have it for breakfast. Their response this morning? "Homemade bread is supposed to be warm!" *sigh*

I have a feeling that the baking machine will be crammed into one of our cupboards within two weeks...


Miss Spring has finally taken King Winter by the balls and twisted them a couple of times. I still have a small patch of ice in my garden but it will probably be gone by tomorrow. The drawback of changing weather became apparent the day before yesterday as we had thick fog all day. Almost 100 cars piled up slamming into each other just a couple of kilometers from where we live. Fortunatly no one was killed. When will people learn to drive with the inside of their heads? If you can't see anything, why drive like there's no tomorrow?


And now... back to my math books. By the way, my new camera is just awesome. I only have to figure out some more about the autofocus and why some pictures are out of focus in spite of me aiming at the object but getting the focus on things nearby...

Now, math...


JoeinVegas said...

Wow, lots of directions here. Nothing like the smell of baking bread, but when those machines were popular here people started putting on so much weight from eating all the new stuff they quickly went out of style.
Back to math.

thatfarmgirl said...

I had to laugh...had a similar bread machine experience with my ex-husband. The first loaf was hard as a rock. Come to think of it, he should have used it as a hard hat as his nickname was Safety Boy.

Molly Malone said...

I'm pro baking bread in an oven. It takes less than 3 hours and tastes WAY better than anything that comes out of those stupid machines.

I just learned Sweden has its first baby gorilla. Congratulations, Swedes! I love gorillas.

PissedOffPencil said...

JoeinVegas: Yes, I did go all over the place, didn't I? :)

ThatFarmGirl: Oh, how often did you use that machine? Did you ever get the hang of it? Ours is already on it's way into some cupboard...

Molly Malone: I'm not a pro and neither is my wife but at least I knew that the machine was a waste of good money...

Thank you on behalf of all Scandinavians! I love all apes but my heart favores chimps.

Virginia Gal said...

Your wife and my dad - so similiar in the love of gadgets. We have a whole shelf full of kitchen applicances that were used but once and never seen again.
Funny story though : )

Maidink said...

POP, is everything okay? Both you and ScandinavianNova seemed to have disappeared.

Did Sweden ban Blogger?

ScandinavienNova said...

So nice to be missed :) *looking up at Maidink*

And yes.. Where are YOU?? If I disapper is one thing, I always do..but you..Everything okay sweet one?

I just stoped by to tell you that I won in court :) I nailed that son of a bitch!!!

Åklagaren yrkade på 30x50 dagsböter och sexuellt ofredande.. Hovrätten ökade på och dömde honom till 50x50 dagsböter och sexuella trakasserier! Det är ju lite bättre det..hehe.. Åsså 5.000:- till stackars lilla mig!

Sorry for writing in swedish, but I can't find the right words for it in english.

Take care PoP and I hope that nothing is wrong..HUgs

PissedOffPencil said...

Maidink & ScandinavianNova:

I'm still alive but somewhat occupied. Thanks for your concern. :)