Sunday, February 12, 2006

With the sun comes the good mood

We've had fabulous weather for a couple of days now. In fact it's been so good I haven't even worried about whats going on in the world. And as I found out tonight reading blogs, there are so many better writers out there, some of them living right in the center of things.

It seems Maidink and ThatFarmGirl had their share of snow while our snow is slowly melting away, in spite of freezing temperatures. I have a feeling though there will be another attack by King Winter in a couple of days. But have we felt the first signs of Spring? Oh yes!

I spent Friday at school and then at home with LazyWorm, CartoonBoy and LittleAngel, while RedHead and RazorTongue went shopping. Saturday me and LazyWorm went driving around in the sun and then we went shopping too. Boy's stuff, of course. Passing by a McDonalds LazyWorm mentioned he was a bit hungry so we went in and ordered. After eating his Big Mac & Co., he looked at me with some disgust in his face and said: Gee Dad, you eat like a whole family..."
And yes, in spite of my hate-love realtionship with McDonalds, or maybe because of it, I had eaten:

  • One BigTasty
  • One Chili McFeast Hot Spice DeLuxe with fries and Coke
  • Two Cheeseburgers
All in all, that's about 1.3 kilograms of food and 2.766 calories. Lucky me, that's almost on the spot the amount of calories a man of my age is supposed to eat in one WHOLE day. This was my breakfast... And when we left, I was still hungry.

Anyway, I didn't do much studying for two days so I set up Sunday as "Leave-me-the-fuck-alone-day" and concentrated on mathematics. I'm quite proud to say that I only calculated wrong on five numbers out of 1003. Next test, I'm going for the full points.

Oh, I missed the test on Social studies, so I'm taking it Wednesday. Friday, I'm going for the kill in English. I just hope I get my Shakespeare right...


Molly Malone said...

I'm pretty sure we all have a love-hate relationship with McD's. Hate the uber-corporate temple of cheap consumerism, etc. but sometime don't you just CRAVE one of their soft-serve ice creams when no one else's will do? A la "Pulp Fiction" one of my favorite activities abroad is to eat at McDonald'ses just to guage the minimally different tastes. So far, I think the Greeks have the tastiest McShakes. Damn, you Ronald; you clown! Why must you toy with our affections?

CrankyProf said...

Fries. McD's fries are my downfall. I can resist everything on their menu but those.

Of course, now I crave them.


PissedOffPencil said...

I'm with CrankyProf on this one, the fries, always the fries. There are absolutely no better anywhere in the world.

Catherine Vocalist said...

I always get the mcnuggets and then I get sick. That always happens and I should know to not eat them but I do it anyway... I'm so masochistic...