Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sleepless, but not in Seattle

It's 4.30 pm and I'm wide awake. I just can't sleep anymore tonight. I have been sleeping for about 4 hours but then RedHead woke me up because she needed to go to the bathroom and LittleAngel, who's got a fever, woke up too. Since then I haven't been able to go back to sleep.

Poor LittleAngel has been feeling pretty bad the last couple of days and if she continues to have a fever today, we'll take her to our pediatrician to check her up. I think her fever peaked yesterday but if it didn't, we'll have to go. Damn, I hate the flu! RazorTongue has just recovered from it and LazyWorm had to come home from school because he didn't feel well. And, of course, CartoonBoy started to sneeze yesterday evening. Great!

Oh well, as long as it's not stomach-flu, I guess I should be thankful.

I'm a bit surprised that my American visitors haven't heard about sandwich layer-cake? I have always thought that the idea of those came from the US? Maybe it's from Denmark then? Well, anyway, if anyone of you is thinking of starting a business, like a sandwich layer-cake shop, I might even share a recipe or two for ten per cent of the earnings... ;o) In fact, had I not had all these kids (and been married to someone who refuses to move), I would've taken the idea to the US myself now that I know that it's not a common food over there.

If you're going to be a millionaire on this idea, please remember I have a Paypal-button. Every little cent is highly appreciated. ;o)

I read that Ford is going to close down 14 assembly plants and that as many as 30.000 people might be laid off. The part I'm most interested in, is Volvos' future. SAAB is a good car, or was, before GM bought it and I still haven't forgiven the Swedish owners for selling it, but selling Volvo to Ford was even worse since Volvo made a good profit and I truly believe that Volvo could have survived without Ford. I even think that Volvo could have become quite dominant on the market because of it's high quality. Yes, it's an expensive car but you get what you pay for... It's still the most common car in Sweden and not for patriotic reasons but because it actually starts even during the harshest winter. I have still to meet a Ford that can do that.

Not even the almighty Mercedes can match Volvo in terms of quality, at least not in my book. Selling Volvo to Ford was just another example of the shortsighted profit makers and I hate them for that. Eventually Volvo will be just another Ford and not a unique brand of it's own. That's the real sad part, except for those lay-offs.

I think I need some coffee right about now. See ya.


ScandinavienNova said...

I hope that your kids starts to feel better really soon! And that you get some sleep tonight... You need it so that youcan graduate and then become a best selling författare :)

Catherine Vocalist said...

Four kids and they are either sick, getting sick or recovering... That's alot of work for you!

You better sneak some cat naps here and there soon.

No, those cakes are not popular here. Actually, until you posted about it. I had never seen or heard about those cakes...

Shark-fu said...

I'd never seen one of those cakes either, but they look good!

Ford is closing a plant here in St. Louis...lots of people will be out of work and everyone is freaking out.

Its sad...particularly when you think about all of the corporate dudes who will not loose their jobs...

Try to get some rest and I hope the chil'ren feel better soon!

Maidink said...

Speaking of Mercedes, Daimler-Chrysler is laying off, also. Most of those jobs will be in management in the Mercedes division.

I feel for you, POP, with the little ones being sick. Prayers go out to you across the Atlantic from Philly!

Keep drinking coffee and avoid all sneezes.

Hey, I like my verify word - kegqyk. It sounds like beer-flavored milk mixer.