Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Math-day at home [updated]

I actually have a "day off" today. We only had one lesson scheduled, math, but our math teacher is off for a doctors appointment today and a physical checkup tomorrow, hence no classes today and only two tomorrow. Knowing math is my weakest subject, I'm going to spend almost the whole day in the "wonderful" world of mathematics. I'm saying almost because I'm also doing some homework learning the periodic table (first twenty elements, their atomic number and abbrevation) and write a paper for my Swedish class. If I don't feel completely stuffed I'm also going to read up on some Social studies.

Unfortunatly, I'm feeling that a fever is on it's way. My head hurts (maybe my brain is swollen from all that knowledge?) and my throat feels a bit sore. To top that off, my eyes seem to have become very sensitive to light. All of this is just expected. Why should I not be stricken by this damn flu that struck everyone else in the family?

No, not everyone. CartoonBoy still seems to be just fine. He was off to school, happy as a lark in spring since his class is going to have a "safety day". They are going to learn how and what they should do if they ever got lost in a blizzard or fall into a hole in the ice and stuff like that. They are going to be out in the snow all day long with their bob-sleighs and even have a picnic if the weather continues to be this nice. It's cold and it's started to snow but it's still a very nice day.

RazorTongue, although still coughing, also went to school but her older brother has taken the opportunity to stay at home playing video games. Not only does he look like me at the same age but he also behaves like me at that age. With the exception that I loved school and he hates it.

LittleAngel still runs a fever but seems to be recovering. She's a bit cranky and tired and doesn't want to eat as much as she usually does but at least she's smiling again. I feel so sorry for her since she's still to young to clear her throat properly. Instead she swallows a lot of mucus and anyone who's ever changed the diaper of a baby with a cold knows what that means. Yes, it's quite disgusting stuff they produce. I'm not even going to try and describe the smell.

Later this afternoon I'm scheduled to take a brake and go shopping with RazorTongue. She needs a new pair of winter boots. (Damn, that girl is growing fast! Before spring, she's probably out-grown most of her clothes.) If the weather turns to the worse however, I'm not going to risk our lives because of a pair of boots.

Maybe I'll post more later. Right now, LittleAngel started to cry because mummy went to take a shower...


Damn, I went to make LittleAngel to take a nap and guess who fell asleep? RedHead felt sorry for me and didn't wake me up. I slept for almost three hours! Damn, damn, damn! My whole schedule went down the drain. And as RazorTongue soon is coming home from school I don't feel like opening the books just yet. I have to re-schedule everything.

CartoonBoy seems to have had a great day though even if they didn't go down to the river as they were supposed to.

This Sunday we're supposed to celebrate RedHead's niece but with everyone being sick we probably won't. It's an hour long drive and under these weather conditions it's going to be a very short visit since the kids have to get up Monday morning for school. Well, at least those who feel alright have to.

Two more days before I get confirmation on my participation in the movie. I'm getting nervous now. I've been telling everyone about it and now I feel that was kind of stupid. What if they don't want me this time around? Most people will think it was a joke or that I was trying to make myself more interesting. Why can't I ever keep my mouth shut?

Maybe I'll post more later. RazorTongue should be home any minute now. Toodles.


RaggyMaggy said...

hope you're feeling better and escape the flu xxx

hugs to all the poorly little ones

PissedOffPencil said...

Thank you, RaggyMaggy. I don't think I'll escape it but I keep my hopes up.

Virginia Gal said...

Your house sounds like fun - all this activity - never a dull moment!

Hope you feel better soon.

Maidink said...

I feel for you. I only have one sick one in the house. No flu here, it's bronchitis.

Have fun with your math. I always loved math. I guess that's why I went into accounting. Ya think?

Larry said...

If you want to have some fun with the Periodic Table, check out the Periodic Table of ComicBooks

Shark-fu said...

Oh drama! There's no way to avoid getting sick in a house full of sick people...drink lots of juice!

PissedOffPencil said...

Virginia Gal: You're right, there's never a dull moment here. :)

Maidink: Thank you for your compassion but I really think you should have another kid soon. It's great fun betting on which one's going to be sick first... ;o)
I hate numbers, I've always done that, except for the numbers on tax-returns. My brain seems to have a problem adding numbers and get a result from it but it has no problem whatsoever putting letters together to words to sentences and rarely spell it wrong, not even if I'm drunk to the brink of unconsciousness... In Swedish that is...

Coyote Librarian: Welcome! And lot's of thank-you's for that link. It actually helped me a lot remebering what those darn abbrevations stand for. :)

Shark-fu: I don't like juice. Do you think white wine has enough of C-vitamines? Or should I try red wine? The latter usually gives me a bad headache. Maybe I should try garlic? It keeps everyone at a safe distance. :)

Shark-fu said...

You don't like juice? No wonder you drink vodka straight!

Hmmm...maybe the garlic will help. Yeah! Eat tons of garlic then drink yourself silly with white wine. could take some vitamin c pills, but that's not as much fun.

PissedOffPencil said...

Darn, it's too late. My head's hurting, my eyes and nose are running and my throat is getting really sore. And all of this just three days before my big debut on my way to Hollywood. I probably won't get there until I'm seventish but better late than nevver... ;o)

I was thinking of vitamin pills but as you just said, ABB, those aren't especially funny. I'm drinking Jamaican rum (Western Pearl) instead. I'll pay for it tomorrow but what an enjoyable road to walk.

Shark-fu said...

Oh are absolutely going to be ill now!

If a bitch lived in Sweden, I'd bring you chicken and dumpling soup...but it looks like you're just going to have to suffer (wink).

Drink tons of tea...with no alcohol added!

PissedOffPencil said...

Right now, Saturday morning, I would just love some chicken and dumpling soup. I'm sick as a dog. I can only hope I'm better Monday. *sigh*

Francesca said...

It't the pits when everyone in the house is sick - especially when it's kids because you have to tend to them and then usually get sick yourself. It's a no win situation.

(But hugs to the kids and glad most of them are better by now!)

I'm glad the part in the movie came through! See! All that worry for nothing. I''m glad you told us about it!!!

Now you will be Sweden's latest sex symbol, Mr. Superstar! lol

Have lots of fun and remember us little people when you are famous!