Sunday, January 29, 2006

Old remedys don't always work...

...but they sure make you feel better. I drank some peppermint-tea with honey and a big dose of Jamaican rum yesterday after posting and I actually managed to open my math book and even figure out some of the things I'm supposed to know at the upcoming test on Wednesday.

Out of 300 or so questions I only managed to get about six or seven wrong but those were really basic calculations like: (-1)*3+(-24)*(-8)*3(-8)/3. (Electronic calculators are banned.)

The bad part is that I need to do more calculations, about six or seven hundred more, before I feel confident that I will pass the test. Especially in the area of fractions. You know:
1/2*3/4-1/16+15/192*8/100*2/3 (Calculators still banned.)

I should have learned this during those nine mandatory school years but... concentrating on math compared to exploring what my female classmates had to offer? At that age? Let's just say that I found women much more fascinating than adding a bunch of numbers together... ;o)

The answers to those two examples?

The first one is: -1537
The second is: 57/1600 or 0,035625

(I triple checked them...)


Francesca said...

I'm not even going to try to work those math problems out! (Hey! I'm more right brained!!!....or is it hair-brained or scatter-brained?!!)

You're clever and I'm sure you will do great on your exam...I'll still cross fingers for ya, though!

Glad you're on the mend... ;)

Catherine Vocalist said...

I'm horrible at math. I know simple basic math..once you get to fractions and algebra, my brain rejects it.

In fact, I was recently tested for a job at an accounting department of a school and I totally failed the entire math test...couldn't remember 8th grade math..

hey, 8th grade was 20 years could i remember that? :)

Maidink said...

It's the rum - does it everytime. I must admit I love math. But I love my calculator even more. :)

PissedOffPencil said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble with math. However, I consider calculators as cheating, unless it's three-figured numbers one has to calculate. ;o)

Maidink said...

I depend on my calculator too much. i have a pocket one on my key chain for emergencies.

Seriously ...