Thursday, January 05, 2006

My brothers' the best.

I own a white Ford Sierra 1987, a real shitty car, ready for the junkyard if it hadn't been for the motor and gearbox. Those are the only two parts that are in very good condition. I bought it this fall because my Volkswagen Bus doesn't want to start if the weather is damp. I payed 4000 SEK (about $500) for the Ford. I drive it on almost a daily basis, unless roads are slippery. (Sometimes I drive when it's slippery too, for the fun of it, but never with the kids in the car. I see it as therapy...) It needs new tires, a cost that exceeds what I payed for the entire car.

Anyway... Two years ago, my brother bought a metallic maroon Sierra, a station wagon, with an unknown price tag. I can tell you one thing though, it wasn't as cheap as my Ford... He payed taxes, insurance, new tires and yearly inspection. He drove the car for less than three months and then (which is not uncommon if my brother is involved) the engine blew up. Literally. He planned to repair the car but he didn't get around to it. This fall he's been trying to sell it, with no luck.

As I called him earlier today to ask how my niece HorseGirl was after her ear inflammation, we came to talk about his car. I mentioned that my car, except for the engine was crap and that I had no intention of buying new tires, he told me to take his old Ford, swap the engines and give him my old clunker in return.

I became a bit suspicious. My brother isn't known giving things away, so I asked him why he wanted to make such a bad trade. He laughed and said that he becomes so depressed looking at the damn car, being too good for the junkyard but not driveable, he'd rather trade it for a car that was well on it's way to car heaven, than having to look at it another year while the rust was eating it to the point of no return. And, if I got his old Ford together, I would get a car with a tow hitch, hence I would be able to help him and mum during summer.

I knew it.

Still, my baby brother is the best there is. He can be very obnoxious but I love him.


Shark-fu said...

Wow! That's a great gift!

So, now you will have to put the engine in and you are set!


PissedOffPencil said...

ABB: Yup, it was a fantastic gift. My brother is, in spite of being an obnoxious baby brother, also a very kind, loving and generous human being. :)

RaggyMaggy said...

awww, how nice of him!