Saturday, January 07, 2006

Grandma's little helper

LazyWorm has spent a couple of nights at my mother's house to help her out with the daily chores, like fetching wood for the heater. He loves that since my mother tells him all about how I was as a kid. I'm not sure I like that. Now he'll learn that I too had a bad temper at his age. I was a real sourpuss but don't tell anyone that I actually admitted to that.

On the other hand, he's learning to take responsability in a better way than I would ever been able to teach him. And she does tell him I loved school. It seems I'm the only one in my family who actually did that, even looking at cousins, uncles and aunts.

Well, I guess they didn't call me "little professor" for nothing...

Oups, I have a diaper to take care of.


Virginia Gal said...

Sometimes, I find, kids are better behaved and more mature when not with their parents.

I know when I have kids, if my teens act up I'm sending them away...maybe to Mars : )