Friday, December 02, 2005

Thanks everyone!

All your congratulations are much appreciated, belated or not. :)

So, now I'm 45 years old. I've lived up more than half of my life expectancy and I'm looking quite curiously at what will come next in my life. I have twenty more years to my pension and hopefully I'll still be curious when I get there.

I like to think about myself as a good bootle of wine, a wine that has slowly matured during the years, enhancing those finely tuned spices that make up it's personality and still has enough of the freshly picked grapes in it to give it a fresh and somewhat youthful taste of sweetness. A mature sweetness if you will. I hope I'll get better by the years.

I didn't celebrate my birthday with a big dinner, lot's of friends and family or get severely drunk just because. Instead I sat down with my kids and ate cake. A little later in the evening I sat and thought about old friends lost and new friends found.

Love y'all.


Shark-fu said...

Cool...but what kind of cake?


Italian Cream?


Anyhoo, glad you had a nice birthday...and at 45 years old you're just getting started!

thatfarmgirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, POP!

ScandinavienNova said...

I know you are like a bottle of wine. Do you know why? 'cos you are a man. On you wrinkels looks good, so do even grey hair. On us.. well let say that when a middle-age man get a devors he has most likely found a younger woman .. And all we got left is the Tuesdays dance at the local PRO..Am i right or am i right? ..hehe..

Me said...

Oh, i think you celebrated your birthday in the sweetest and nicest way! Happy Birthday!!!