Monday, December 26, 2005

Survival of the fittest?

Okay, so I survived The Holidays so far. Big deal.

Christmas Eve at MIL's wasn't all bad. LittleAngel was like the elf from hell but the other three behaved well. MIL had about 12 million sorts of herring, a rather dry roasted ham and, as usual, her coffe resembled tar thick enough to paint boats. No wonder that both MIL and FIL always have stomach-problems. Most food and drink were pretty eadible though and I know why my wife can't cook.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, we stayed at home, just relaxing. I worked some on my baby sisters homepage and called her about it. She was at my brother's house and was to leave soon so I had to take her presents there. Getting into my car, I realized that someone had been trying to steal it during the night. Unfortunatly they didn't succeed. Had they done that, they would most probably ended up in a ditch somewhere and I would have gotten a "new" car. I still drive on summer tires and they are more like slicks than real tires. That night there was black ice all over southern Sweden. Damn, I could really need a "new" car. (Feel free to donate.®)

Today, Boxing Day, we're going to my mother's house. We're taking all the left-overs from yesterday with us so she won't have to do anything. She deserves a day off. In fact, she deserves a month or two in the West Indies but I can't afford that. She'll have to settle for a bottle of wine and our company.

RedHead has her period and that's a crappy way to end a crappy year. It's also a good way to start a new crappy year. We still haven't decided where we're going to spend New Years Eve and I just want to cancel the whole thing.

My wife has accepted a temporay job at her old workplace, filling in for the job she lost. They treat her like crap and she still goes back for more. Instead of spending four days with her family (that's me and the kids) she is not only going back, she's also going to be miserable by getting up 4.30 in the morning, be miserable by the treatment and be miserable because she doesn't spend time with her kids. She could've said "no" so I'm not taking any work-related crap this week.
(I'll explain all that work-related stuff at a later occasion.)

Well, that's it for today. So far.


Virginia Gal said...

So did the kids like their gifts? Did you get anything cool - we need a Christmas round-up.