Monday, December 26, 2005


The world has become upside down. At least here in southern Sweden. It's actually snowing! A lot!

After I wrote that last post, in between doing laundry, I went up to my mothers', leaving some food and stuff. At that time there were tiny chrystals of snow falling, which is not uncommon. When I got home it had almost stopped.

Just after 14.00 I drove the three oldest kids to my mother and then went home again to take a shower. Since RedHead had to do some last minute shopping I didn't get into the shower until around 15.00. While I waited for RedHead to get home I was just sitting by the computer, playing around. As she came back she mentioned that it was snowing real bad but since she usually exaggerates, I didn't pay much attention. I had just read the news about a blizzard hitting mid-Sweden but there was nothing about any snowstorm the most southern parts.

I must have been freezing because the shower was so lovely, I stayed in there for almost half an hour just enjoying the heat. As I later entered the kitchen and looked out the window I saw an jaw-dropping sight. In less than an hour, about an inch of snow had fallen! I had to get my camera, because this was a rare one.

This is what I saw through our kitchen window.

During the first four hours at my mother's house, we received four inches of snow! Four inches! The last time I saw that amount of snow was in the early 80's...


Maidink said...

Oooof! This will give you an idea of how well I know my geography. I thought Sweden always had a perpetual winter snowfall of about 12 inches.

We've had a total of six inches to date here in Philly. I pray that's all we'll see.

Virginia Gal said...

I'm with Maidink - for some reason I thought down by Malmo - you would get a lot of snow. I don't know why I thought that, I just did.

ps - what is up with people trying to steal your car?! We gotta get you two clubs, one for the steering wheel and another to beat the shit out of these punks!