Thursday, November 10, 2005

Still not insane

I was to tired to blog yesterday. The car trouble is wearing me out. Not the gas cap thing, but the I-won't-start-until-it's-dry-outside thing. I've been carrying those darned batteries back and forth between the apartment and the bus.

I consider myself an pretty good mechanic but this car seems to have me beat. So I'm actually looking for a new used car. I found a Mercedes, a metallic burgundy from 1985, taxes paid, insurance paid and yearly inspection done.. Very nice car and to a reasonable price too. Just my luck that it had been sold yesterday.

Now I really want a Mercedes.

Talking of cars, I was at the doctor this morning to get an approval that I was healthy enough to continue to drive a truck, if I want to. He said I was healthy as an ox, physically. My blood pressure was on the spot and I could move all my extremities the way humans are supposed to. Then he looked at his paper, grinned and said that he had found no evidence whatsoever that I had any braindamage either.

-You know, I learned to live with it, I replied.
-Yes, you're hiding it very well, he laughed.

I like my doctor. He's cool.


ScandinavienNova said...

What is worse? Being insane or sane? ;-)

Good to hear that you are okay :)