Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My marriage, part four

Disclaimer: You might find some of the context in this post as offensive. If you're one of those religious, self-righteous, narrow-minded, double standards kind of bastards, you might just as well stop reading so that you won't have to fear that your god (whoever he/she is) will burn your eyes out. I have yet not come across a religion that doesn't preach love and love, my friends, is all about acceptance. I will even accept those people mentioned above as long as they don't try to impose their faith on me.

I have my own faith and it doesn't involve any gods at all. My faith is in humanity, science and common sense.

You still haven't stopped reading, have you? Right, let's continue this very true story.

In fall 1990, me and RedHead moved to another town. RedHead was taking care of senior citizens and I was looking for a job, any job at the same time that I was working as a mover, hired by the hour. Just two weeks before my 30th birthday RedHead surprised me by actually taking the initiative to sex by fondling my privates before I started fondling her. And I was to find out why she chose that particular evening. She was nine weeks pregnant.

I just couldn't believe it. I had been screwing around, without any kind of protection, since the day I discovered other uses for my penis, besides peeing. During all those years when Tina and I were a couple she hadn't had any protection either and since she never got pregnant I thought I was sterile, without actually checking. Okay, so I wasn't.

I was happy beyond words. I was going to be a father, for crying out loud! Something I had longed for since my 20th birthday! But although I was happy, I still wasn't quite sure how I felt about RedHead.

Sadly, we lost the baby in the 14th week of RedHead's pregnancy. She cried a lot during the first week and I did my best to comfort her. Then, one evening right before Christmas, we were sitting in our kitchen when she looked at me with those big green eyes and said:

-Damn it, PoP, you're going to work real hard now. I want a baby and I want it now."

And for the next couple of months, I was in sexual heaven. I could come home late at night from work and she would often meet me in the hallway, dressed in a silky negligee, lift it up a bit and say things like:
-Looky here, what I've got for you, Tiger." There aren't many men who can resist something like that. At least I couldn't.

I had to ask for extra hours at work, just to get some rest. She was relentless in her pursuit of pregnancy.

It may sound silly but we both exactly know what evening she actually got pregnant with LazyWorm. I had been away from home a few nights, moving a house from
Lund to Stockholm. The night I came home she greeted me completely naked, laying on the bed, with two candles lit on the side-board. Very romantic and utterly arousing. I was hardly allowed to get out of my clothes.

Right in the middle of things, the bed fell apart. For some reason, the foot end of our bed had loosened. We laughed and giggled for a while and then continued with business. As I came, her eyes opened wide and she just stared at me and whispered: -I think we just did it."
And strangely, I had the same feeling. I can't explain it but I just knew that she now was pregnant. We cuddled for a while and then fell asleep on our broken bed.

After that night she left me alone for a week. Not only did she leave me alone but she also stopped greeting me the way I had gotten used to. She stopped taking the initiative altogether and I was back on square one. We talked about it and I told her that I felt like something used for breeding purposes. She just laughed at me and told me I was silly. And then she said the phrase I've come to hate:

-The one who waits for something good, doesn't mind waiting." Hell, he does!

A couple of days later she tested positive for pregnancy and our relationship went into a new phase, less caveman and more cuddling. Sex became less intense and more lovingly, which incidentally suited me just fine. On occasion it's sexy to fuck caveman-style but for the most part I want to make women go on a roller coaster. That's sexy and fun.

Right after we had celebrated her 22nd birthday we told our families that a new relative was on it's way. RedHead's mother, the born diplomat, started whining about being to young to be a Grandmother. She was 41. RedHead, also well suited for diplomacy, told her to shut up and reminded her of how she had been conceived and at what age.

My mother took it well. She just said something about not being suited for baking and all that grandmother-stuff.. My father didn't say much but there was a glimpse of pride in his eyes. And then my baby brother destroyed it all a few weeks later by telling that he was also to become a father. So the counting started and to our surprise we'd made our girlfriends pregnant practically at the same time.

Now how's that for a brotherly connection? It wasn't the same night, in fact it wasn't even the same week but nevertheless our babies were due to pop out in January the following year. Me and RedHead actually managed to pinpoint January 1st and my brother and his girlfriend January 16th. But, as baby brothers often do, he cheated. More on that later.

I heard about a company that was going to expand and needed more labour force. I jumped at the phone and called them. I felt it was time for me to grow up and get a steady income. Sure enough they were looking for people but as summer vacations were coming up, they asked me to call them on a set date, right after the industrial vacations were over. My first thought was "Yeah, right, as if you’ll have work for me then." And then again, I didn't have many options.

The moving company I worked on bankrupted so I was back on unemployment checks during the summer. Not that I did mind but I was going to be a father in a couple of months and it worried me a bit not being able to provide for the baby.

RedHead told me quite early that our baby was going to be a boy and she stuck to that during the whole pregnancy. After a family dinner she told me that my brother was going to be the father of a girl. She was right on both accounts.

As the industrial holidays were almost over in mid-august, I called the company. To my surprise I was called to an interview and in September I was an employee. The only thing I hadn't told them was that I was soon to be a father. I was afraid they wouldn't hire me, especially since they had a six-month tryout before actually hiring.

It was an international company, manufacturing auto-glass and after some very basic training I was lifting, checking and packing rear windows, a job a freakin' ape could manage just as well as I did. At the beginning we were working eight-hours daytime but the company got more orders and to be able to deliver we had to start work twelve-hour shifts while the company hired even more people. It was pretty rough working twelve hours, get home, eat, sleep, eat and then back to work.

Soon we worked two-shifts. One week mornings and one week afternoons which was (and is) a way of working I liked since every other weekend was longer. Right before Christmas I raised hell about the quality of the glass we were producing. We were discarding as much as 60 per cent of the auto-glass we produced! In my way of thinking this was just insane. I went to my foreman, HammerFist, and told him that: This fucking company is fucking digging it's own fucking grave if we don't get the fucking quality fucking right." (Well, not exactly like that but that was what I meant.)

He threw me off by asking me if I was interested in a new job opening. The plant manager and HammerFist had noticed me and my constant yelling about the poor quality of the glass that was coming out of the furnace. Although there already was a quality manager, they needed someone who kept a closer eye on the production itself. Might I be interested? I would get a higher salary and almost free hands to come up with solutions to the problems we had. I was even allowed to stop production altogether if I found it necessary. I was to report directly to HammerFist and the plant manager and not even the furnace managers had any saying in what I wanted to do. Essentially I was to be next in command to HammerFist. Did I jump to that chance?


You bet I did.

HammerFist warned me though. The furnace managers already hated my guts and I wouldn't make any new friends among them. Then he added that I initially would get six months to lower rejects by at least a third. If I couldn't reach that goal I was back to my old job. Since I already had some ideas I didn't worry. I was to start right after the holidays in early January.

RedHead became thrilled by my increased salary since it meant that we would be able to pay off old debts. She did have some concerns though since LW was supposed to arrive at that time. I just hoped he would arrive during holidays. He didn't.

Up until then our sex-life had been quite satisfying during the pregnancy. She had put on 44 pounds so far and was erotic as hell and I could tell that she really loved her "new" body. Her breasts had grown at least two cup sizes and she joked a lot about feeling like Dolly Parton. Due to her size, sex-positions were very limited but that just didn't matter. She had turned into a very loving and nursing woman, keeping our home spotless and working part-time up until December. Little did we know that the much anticipated baby was going to turn us both into zombies.

You'll just have to wait for part five. This post is long enough.


Virginia Gal said...

This "my marriage" series is fascinating. Though I'm confused about today's disclaimer, why would religious people be offended? Because of having a child out of wedlock? Well, I suppose the really uptight people would be upset, but than again how many of them would have made it this far in the readings, hee hee :-)

Me said...

It seems like you just let things happen to you in your story so far without stopping to think if it was really what you wanted. She got pregnant and you were happy, but still not sure of your feelings for her. Then, after you lost the baby,(so sorry)instead of really examining these thoughts and making a conscious decision about having a family with her or not, you just went along with her baby making plan. Sigh. I just don't understand...

ScandinavienNova said...

Ville bara kila in med en kram... och överlåter kommenterandet till dom som inte känner dig lika väl som jag gör. Och ibland så är det då bättre att bara smyga runt och kika lite :)