Sunday, November 06, 2005

Just another Sunday

It's raining as if the heavens saved it up just for this particular Sunday. Half an hour ago it was a little windy but I decided to get dressed and install the fresh loaded car battery in my bus. While I was getting dressed it started to rain. I don't feel like getting soaked just because I want to get the VW started. I hate rain. No, I hate when it's windy and rains at the same time. On the other hand these last two months have broken every record regarding to warm temperatures and sunshine. I guess one should be thankful for that.

I just can't wait for schools starting tomorrow. This week has been... Well, let's just say I really want to get rid of the kids for a couple of hours every day. Actually, I'm thinking of sending the whole family to my mother for a week. That way I might finally get a lot of things done, like hanging new wallpaper in the hallway, give the bathroom a thorough cleaning or even paint the bedroom. I discovered that things like these are impossible to do with kids (and the wife) at home.

There are a lot of things on my mind now. I thought that I would get time to study real hard but the only subject I've really been able to look into is English. I've almost given up on math since there's a new semester next year.

I just wish I knew what I want to be when I grow up. *sigh*


ScandinavienNova said...

Do you wanna switch? Here it has been snowing for a few hours and it is already too much snow on the streests. Don't like when that happens, it goes to fast and I always starts to think of the movie "Day after tomorrow" :D

I smile so when I read about you not getting anything done, you always says that..but in a miraculos way you always get these things done in the end.

I know what you are gonna be when you grow up, a now, you only have to send your stuff to the right places. Krönikör at aftonbladet would be a thing for you.. Or a best selling novellist or what ever, you have so much power in your hand..USE IT!!!

Catherine Vocalist said...

Why not enlist the kids to help you to do stuff in the house or are they not handy like that. I don't have kids so I'm imagining chaos LOL

ScandinavienNova said...

Du..måste bara fråga, har du fått nån rik änka att donera lite åt dig via Paypal? *L*

Jag är övertygad om att det faktiskt går att tjäna pengar på det sättet..tycker du e hur cool som helst som lagt dit den *tummen upp*

Men hur sjutton får DU sen pengarna då?

Übermilf said...

I know this is off-topic, but I would like my European friends to please do what they can to rescue us when our Dictator starts putting us in "detainment camps."

Bush has threatened to put those who refuse to let the government inject them with "flu vaccine" in "containment areas."

All those times I joked about Bush shipping me off in a cattle car. It's not so funny now.

Francesca said..., when you finish with the hanging of the wallpaper and painting at your house, I have some vacuuming and other chores I need done over here! Do you work for FREE??!!!

And "grow up"?????....Why bother???...Let's all stay kids!!!...Life is so much simpler that way!...But then again if we stay kids, then we have to go bed early, eat our vegetables, and don't get to swear, drink, and have sex! Hmmmmm....It would be criminal to have to give that up after so much fun as an adult!!!! lol

ScandinavienNova said...

Inte bara jag som lider av konspirationsteorier märker jag ;-)

PissedOffPencil said...

ScandinavianNova: I would actually prefer snow instead of rain. And just enough temperatures below zero to let it stay for at least three months.

No, I don't get things done. These are things that should have been done YEARS ago... Remember, we're six people crammed in a three room apartment. This place looks like a dump.

I appreciate what you're saying about my writing skills but I'm no Hemingway, nor Shakespear. I'm not even a Jan Guillou or Linda Skugge. I do write good stuff when I'm in the mood but I'm not. I don't even get angry anymore and that scares me.

Catherine M: Chaos... that's our normal state. Just imagine how bad it would be if I tried to make them help me. *shudders*

Ubermilf: We're afraid to speak up against your government. We're afraid that they will invade us. We do have nuclear power plants, a communist party and McDonald has not been doing so well in Sweden lately. Thinking of your governments track record, that might be just enough to justify a full scale invasion.

Don't worry though. The Nazis walked all over this country without being shot at.

Fransesca: I'm a man. I'm not supposed to do things like that... ;o)

That depends on which age you settle for. In Sweden you're still a kid at fifteen but you're allowed to have sex. At that age you're not allowed to buy alcohol or cigarettes.

I think I'll settle for fifteen. ;o)

ScandinavienNova said...

You ARE better then Guillo och Skugge togheter.. The only problem is that you don't seem to realize that. And I don't say that in order to flatter you, I mean it. And I can read so I know when I read good stuff.

About the anger-stuff.. I know the feeling, I have lost my inspiration sourze as well..

Francesca said...

Fifteen it is, then!!!! ;)

Virginia Gal said...

When you figure out what you want to be let me know...I'm still searching :-)

ScandinavienNova said...

Totally off topic.. You are just jealous *grin*