Monday, October 17, 2005

You can always sell them!

Today, as I met up with CartoonBoy's cab, he jumped out and immidiatly asked me for a soda and the following conversation took place:

-I'm sorry CB, we don't have money to spend on luxuries like that and you know it's not Saturday..." I smiled at him and took his gym bag. We walked silently for a while and I could see that he was thinking about something.
-Why don't you get more kids, he suddenly asked. I laughed.
-We've got four. Don't you think that's enough?" We walked some more.

-I was thinking... maybe five thousand."
-Five thousand, what...?"
-Kids." I stopped and looked at him, smiling.
-Five thousand kids? Haven't you got siblings enough?"
-Yes, he answered with hesitation in his voice.
-Where should we put all those kids? And, by the way, how do you think your mother would like that? She would always be pregnant and I don't think she would like that. Do you?"
-You could always adopt them."
-No, CB, I don't think so. No one can have five thousand kids." I smiled at him.
-But you wouldn't have them all at the same time."
-You can always sell them, he said and looked completely serious. At that point I burst into laughter.

-Come on, CB. You know that kids aren't for sale. Besides, I wouldn't want to sell you."
-No, not me." He paused a second. -And not LittleAngel or RazorTongue or LazyWorm."
-No, just the other four thousand nine hundred and ninety-six ones."
-But isn't that a bit unfair?"
-No, because then we would have lots of money and you could buy me a soda, even if it's not Saturday."

I couldn't help myself, I laughed the rest of the way home.


Francesca said...


What a cheeky little one he is! He sounds cute and well clever, too!

Francesca said...

what's with me and my typos all the time! i think I need a typing course or something...or maybe to proof-read my posts better!

I meant to type:

"...damn well clever, too!"


And to think, I don't even have any kids! lol

BarefootCajun said...

Ha Ha Ha! Don't you just love how a child's mind works?

M said...

So young and already knows how the system works :)