Saturday, December 23, 2006


... is upon us and I am truly sorry I haven't been blogging since Nov. 6.... Actually I haven't even read any blogs since then.

On the other hand, there's not been anything worth to write about.

Except for the fact that we've experienced the warmest December in many, many years. Most of Sweden should be covered in snow by now and it isn't. If I was worried about the enviroment before I don't know what I should call my feelings now.

The thing is that I think it's too late now. We won't be able to turn everything around any longer. The snowball is rolling and it's grown to the point where it's momentum, speed and size makes it impossible to stop. We might be able to slow it down but we won't be able to stop it.

Isn't it strange that we are able to send people to space but not to come up with a better energy source to transport ourselves around the globe?

I've heard claims that this is just a natural cycle that's been going on for billions of years but those cycles usually take thousands of years with small increments in the global average temperature. We've seen a global rise in the average temperature in just sixty years, very much coinciding with the end of WWII and the great numbers of transportation/industry depending on fossil fuels. I think Mother Nature's had enough and she's coming down hard on us in the next ten years.

Tsunami? Katrina? That's just childs play compared to the things we have ahead of us. Closing our eyes won't make it go away.

This brings up the latest stupidity from our government. Our new PM recently said that it won't help the globe if Sweden takes the lead in decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases. He said we should concentrate on trying to influence the US and Brazil instead. He might have a point when it comes to the US but Brazil? Honestly, how can a PM be so ignorant? Brazil has been taken the forefront on using bio-fuel since 1975! Next year, the brazilian government plans to be totally independent from oil! Now there's a lead to follow...

It's all about jobs, of course. In a short term view, that is. If Sweden acts NOW we could create new high-tech jobs in the enviromental area instead of pointing our fingers at others and telling them what to do. If Sweden is going to be a country to be counted with in the future, we have to THINK about the future. That future doesn't lie in telling others what to do and not to do. And that goes for a lot of governments around the world...

Anyway, I actually just wanted to wish you all a very

Merry Christmas.


Molly Malone said...

"Our new PM recently said that it won't help the globe if Sweden takes the lead in decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases."

... don't you love politicians? we get similar lines here in the US, except we shift the blame to China, Mexico and other rapidly developing countries. it's all such bullshit that infuriates me - sure those other countries may be huge polluters, but how on Earth do we expect anything to change if NO one does anything? someone has to be the "bigger person" and take the lead.

JoeinVegas said...

Yes, no reason for us to do it if . . .
And Brazil - might be reducing oil use, but cutting down so much of the Amazon that the end result is negative.

PissedOffPencil said...

Sorry it took some time for me to answer!

Molly: Yes, politicians are a breed of their own... :)

Joe: Yes, Brazil is chopping down the rain forest, but why?

1. The country has a large poor population and these have to get food. The soil in the rain forest is useless for agricultural use, hence they have to move around.

2. The wood from the rain forest is in demand from western countries. As long as we want furniture made out of this wood, they'll continue to chop it down... And, in fact, most of the logging companys are not controlled by the brazilians themselves.

3. Cattle. Brazil is fast becoming a leading nation in exporting beef, especially to Japan. All of this cattle has to eat. The little good soil that exists is used for growing grain and sugar. The solution has been to cut down vast areas of rain forest.

So, it's still we who have to change our ways.